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POSTED ON March 25, 2022  - POSTED IN Friday Gold Wrap

The Fed threw a pretty weak first punch at inflation with a quarter-point interest rate hike last week. But Fed Chair Jerome Powell followed up with some tough talk this week. The question is what will he do when the economy punches him in the face? In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap podcast, host Mike Maharrey talks about Powell’s attempt to bully inflation and if it might backfire.

POSTED ON March 24, 2022  - POSTED IN Interviews

Peter Schiff recently appeared on Kitco News with David Lin to talk about inflation and the Fed’s attempt to get it under control. Peter said there is no getting inflation under control. It’s already worse than anybody thinks. And it’s only going to get higher.

POSTED ON March 23, 2022  - POSTED IN Peter's Podcast

Despite rising interest rates and more hawkish talk from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, the stock markets keep pushing upward. Everybody seems to think the Fed has things under control and everything will be just fine. In his podcast, Peter explained why this “everything is great” attitude will have to come to an end.

POSTED ON March 21, 2022  - POSTED IN Peter's Podcast

After going from not even thinking about thinking about raising interest rates, to thinking about it, to talking about it, the Fed finally got around to raising rates last week. Peter Schiff called it the most anticipated and probably the least significant rate hike ever. So, what’s next? In his podcast, Peter said the Fed will keep raising rates … until it can’t.

POSTED ON March 9, 2022  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Not too long ago, the national debt pushed above $30 trillion. Today, Uncle Sam is $30.26 trillion in the red. And he’s on the fast track toward $31 trillion.

Today, most people don’t bat an eye at the national debt. But that wasn’t always the case. As David Stockman pointed out there was a great deal of concern about the national debt when he was President Ronald Regan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

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