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Valcambi Combibar

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Unlike other precious metal dealers, SchiffGold works with our customers on a one on one basis to make sure you’re getting the service you deserve.

SchiffGold also offers some of the lowest pricing in the entire industry!

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  • 99.99% fine gold
  • Breaks into 1-gram gold pieces for barter
  • Easy-to-carry credit card size
  • 1-ounce bars also available

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Hello everybody, this is Peter Schiff from Euro Pacific Precious Metals and I am holding in my hand the most innovative precious metal product that I’ve ever seen. This is called the Valcambi CombiBar, and it’s manufactured by the Swiss refinery Valcambi.

It’s all the rage in Europe. It started in 2011 and it’s just making its way to the United States. It’s kind of like a little chocolate bar. The Swiss are known for their chocolate, except this isn’t made of milk chocolate or dark chocolate; it’s made of pure gold. What makes it like a chocolate bar is it has these little, tiny squares that you can break off. The bar itself is 50 grams of 0.9999 fine gold, which is about 1.6 ounces. But you can break it up into 50, 1 gram bars. And they’re all identical and they’re all marked.

Now, at today’s price of gold – about $1600 an ounce – the melt value of this bar is about $2,500. And that means, each individual 1 gram bar is worth about 50 bucks. I can take this, a bar of gold, [and] just put it here in my wallet with my other credit cards. I can close it up and put it in my pocket and I’ve got $2,500 in my wallet. And I can spend as little as $50 worth at a time.

I’m going to demonstrate exactly how you go about breaking your Valcambi CombiBar. I’m going to break off one bar of 5 gram squares. I’m just going to bend it a little bit. You can see how it bends. This one bar, I want to get just one bar off, and there you go. So now I’ve separated it. Here is basically 45 grams of gold. And now, this stick, this one little 5 gram stick, that’s $250. This little strip right here, all by itself, is worth $250.

Now, as you want to spend this little strip, what you can do is you can break it down further one at a time. I’m just going to snap one off like so, bend it a little bit, and bend it again the other way, and now I’ve broken off one little chip. You can see it in my hand just how small this little piece is. But still, I guess if you take a magnifying glass, you can see what it is, 0.9999 pure, 1 gram of gold.

Here is a $50 Federal Reserve Note. Today, they both have the same purchasing power. Who knows what tomorrow holds, but I know that this little gram has real intrinsic value and it represents all the effort required to mine it. What about this 50? Nothing. The Fed runs them off the printing press. It doesn’t cost much; it doesn’t matter what number they put on the bill.

Here’s $100 bill. There’s no real different between $100 and $50, they’re the same size. It costs the same amount to make this bill as that bill. They require the same effort. But if I want $100 worth of gold, I need twice as much gold. What I’m going to have to do is I’m going to have to break off another one of these little pieces. I’m going to have to take this strip and I’m going to have to break it off like so. There we go.

Now, there’s three left here and now, I’ve got two pieces. That’s worth $100. Why is that worth $100? Because it’s twice as much gold. You have to find twice as much. It takes twice the effort. This $100 bill is not worth twice that $50 bill. That’s what we mean by saying intrinsic value. So when you have this, when you have these little strips, you have this bar, you have real money. You have something with intrinsic value. You have something that must be mined. You don’t have something that can be printed.

The Fed could print all these they want. They can put as many zeros as they want. They can put a trillion. They can have a trillion dollar bill, it won’t matter. But they can’t produce this [gold]. They can’t tax this with inflation. This is real money. What can you do with this? I mean, you could basically fill up your car with gas, you could get a tank of gas. Some of you, if you have a big SUV, you might have to break off a second square, you might need two squares. But the point is, let’s say there’s a lot of inflation, let’s say, at some point in the future, a few years from now, maybe it costs $200, $300 to buy a tank of gas.

I’ll bet, during that environment, you can still fill up your car with one of these babies. Now, maybe the gas station owner, maybe he doesn’t want more paper. He wants something that retains its value. Maybe he would prefer to be paid in real money in gold than funny money, than fiat money. In fact, maybe there would be a long line for gas if all you’ve got is paper money. But maybe you’ll go to the head of the line; maybe there’s a separate pump if you’ve actually got one of these.

And it might apply for all sorts of things. You could take these to the supermarkets. You can barter them individually. And remember, at Euro Pacific Precious Metals, we’re selling these Valcambi CombiBars at a lower price than you can find anywhere in the United States depending on how many bars you buy. I recommend that you load up on them. We’re going to charge anywhere from 6.95% to 7.85% over the spot price of gold and that includes the commission that we charge to sell you the bar.

If you want to get more information on these bars, contact your Precious Metal Specialist at my gold company, Euro Pacific Precious Metals. You can also just go to, my last name,, that will take you directly to the Euro Pacific Precious Metals website. That’s all.

SchiffGold Product Policies

Type of Product

We recommend that serious investors in gold and silver choose only bullion coins and bars. Within that category, buyers are wise to stick with industry standard, nationally-minted coins: American Eagles and Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leafs, Australian Kangaroos, and South African Krugerrands.

Many of our competitors push exotic or commemorative coins, which are sold to unsuspecting investors for 25-30% commissions over the price of the metal they contain. In general, these products are terrible investments and should not be considered if you are looking to protect your savings from inflation.

In gold, we recommend buying these types of products: 1-ounce and fractional gold coins, 1-ounce bars, 10-ounce bars, and 1-kilo bars.

In silver, we recommend buying these types of products: 1-ounce coins, 1-ounce and fractional rounds, 10-ounce bars, and 100-ounce bars. We also recommend junk silver – US quarters, dimes, and half dollars that were minted prior to 1964 and are 90% silver by weight.

While we do not recommend or sell rare or collectible coins, we have access to any and all gold and silver products that might interest you. If you are looking for products not listed on our website, we can usually offer them at prices far below what our competitors would charge. Call us for more information: (888) 465-3160.


Our prices are among the lowest in the business. Owing to the size of our business, we are able to purchase at the steepest discounts and pass the savings along to our customers. We will work hard to earn your business.

In addition to excellent pricing, we provide diligent and attentive customer service. Our clients enjoy exclusive access to Peter Schiff’s insights and recommendations. We custom-build an experience that is suited to your needs. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

We do business the old-fashioned way: providing individual service with a real person. We do not offer online purchases. Many online companies rely on deceptive pricing, hidden costs, or worse. Our prices are transparent and total. Call us at (888) 465-3160 to learn more about how we can help you convert your paper assets into precious metals.

Honesty and fair dealing are the hallmarks of SchiffGold and Peter Schiff. We look forward to earning your business.

Why We Don't Sell Numismatic Coins

We have nothing against collecting numismatic coins for aesthetic or hobby reasons. However, we argue that for two critical reasons numismatic coins are generally poor investments.

First is the mark-ups or commissions. It is not uncommon to see mark-ups of 20% to 35% on numismatic coins. That means that the price of gold has to appreciate by 35% before you break even on a sale.

Would you buy a stock if your broker charged you a commission of 35%? We have our roots in the securities industry, where commissions are far lower, which is part of why we do not sell numismatic coins.

In addition, selling little-known, unusual, or exotic coins may be difficult, or you may have to sell below the market value of the metal. Unless the dealer has an immediate need for the coin you purchased, he may be reluctant to repurchase it from you. In contrast, bullion coins are a fungible commodity for which there is always a ready, liquid, and transparent global market.

Reliability & Integrity

The precious metals field is completely unregulated. Dealers of dubious reputation are not uncommon, as are investing schemes that sound good, but are often rigged to bilk unsuspecting buyers.

In times of economic uncertainty, shady operators take advantage of the urgent and emotional demand for precious metals by jumping into the marketplace. In such an environment it is incumbent on the consumer to only do business with trustworthy companies.

Peter Schiff is Chairman and Principal Owner of SchiffGold. Over the years, Peter has developed a sterling reputation as a no-nonsense straight shooter who zealously guards his public image.

Time and again, Peter has shown his integrity by telling the truth, often at the expense of popularity and potential business. His specific goal with SchiffGold is to bring honesty, integrity, and fair pricing to the business.


Liquidity is an important factor when buying gold and silver. There will come a time when you want to sell your metals. Since we only work with recognizable, highly liquid bullion products, you can sleep easy knowing that the metals you purchased can be easily sold.

Liquidity presupposes a fast and efficient market, which may not exist for so many of the numismatic and exotic coins that are offered by our competitors. Often, the only buyer for your collectible coins may be the dealer from whom you bought them. This is not an ideal situation.

SchiffGold stands ready to help you buy or sell your precious metals. We stand behind everything we sell and are happy to buy back any gold or silver product that you’ve purchased – whether you bought it from us or not.

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