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Selling your precious metals is just as crucial a decision as buying them. It’s important to not only find a trustworthy buyer who will offer you the best price, but also to time your exit from the market appropriately. We can help you with this process.

Not only can we help you buy gold and silver, we’ll also always buy it back. Our Precious Metals Specialists can help you determine the market value of your gold investments and advise you on how to sell them. SchiffGold is dedicated to fair service and honest dealing at every stage of precious metals investing. This means that not only will we buy back any products that we have sold you, we will also buy bullion products purchased from other companies.

We pride ourselves on offering some of the best buy back prices in the industry.

Buyback Policy

SchiffGold can buy back any product, whether it was purchased from us or one of our competitors. If you have a product that is not shown on our website, please call and speak with a Precious Metals Specialist.

Selling your gold or silver to us is easy:

  • 1. Contact Us

    Contact a Precious Metals Specialist through phone call, live website chat, or email. Through contacting us, you’ll gain a complete understanding and exact instructions on how to proceed. 

  • 2. Ship/Drop Off

    Ship to us or drop off your metals in person. You can ship them insured through your favorite carrier, or else drop them off at convenient locations around the United States and the world, including:

    • New York • Delaware • Las Vegas • Dallas • Los Angeles • Toronto • Zurich • Singapore

    (*Drop offs must be scheduled in advance.  Not all products can always be accepted at all locations.*)

  • 3. Receive Your Payment

    Once we receive your metals and authenticate them, we can send you a check for the agreed-upon price or wire your payment.

Recommendation on Packaging Your Shipment

Packing your precious metals for mail delivery is similar to preparing shipments of any valuable goods. You may want to use two sturdy boxes large enough to accommodate one another and the content you are shipping.

Use packing materials such as crumpled newspaper or plastic grocery bags to ensure the gold and/or silver you are mailing is held securely in place. 

Make sure all coin tube tops are taped tightly. Then tape the outside of the package(s) securely with packing tape. In order for the package to be a USPS Registered Mail parcel, you need to use the brown packing tape. 

Be sure to place your emailed packing slip in every parcel you mail. Make sure your mailing label clearly indicates the recipient address and your return address information.

Shipping typically takes 5-15 days depending on whether you are shipping domestically or internationally.

USPS Registered Mail is the safest, most insurable option for domestic shipments of gold and or silver bullion. 

*Though this has been successful for all of our clients that use the above methods to date, nothing comes without any risk. It is solely the shippers responsibility to deliver the products safely to SchiffGold.*


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