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We Offer The Finest Professional Storage Services to Keep Your Precious Metals Safe

SchiffGold has relationships with the world’s finest professional storage services. These secure vault facilities are strategically located around the world and have excellent reputations. We offer highly secure, allocated and segregated storage for your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with no long term commitments.

These doubly-insured vaults are operated by the most reputable security companies in the world. These vaults also offer advanced 24/7 security features and full-time vault guards to make sure your metals are protected.

SchiffGold Allocated and Segregated Vault Storage powered by:

  • SECURITY. SchiffGold uses and recommends independent depositories. These depositories constantly monitor and protect their client’s assets with highly advanced 24/7 security features and full-time vault guards.
  • 100% ALLOCATED AND 100% SEGREGATED. Your precious metals are 100% allocated (meaning physically present at the storage location and not owned by anyone else) in a vault of your choosing and is additionally always segregated from other accounts. This means that your coins and bullion are physically present in the vault, safeguarded in your name, in your exclusive control, and not just represented by a certificate.
  • DOUBLY INSURED AND REGULARLY AUDITED. Your precious metals will be insured through the depository, as well as independently insured by Transcontinental Depository Services. Your metals are insured against physical loss, damage, theft, and other liabilities. Our recommended vaults are also audited regularly by third parties and you will receive quarterly reports about your metal.
  • TAKE POSSESSION OF YOUR METALS. If you want to physically take possession of your metals, you can schedule a pickup or arrange for delivery to an address of your choosing. (Additionally, you can even transfer your metals to a different vault location, just pay shipping.)
  • SAFE FROM THE BANKING SYSTEM. Your precious metals are stored in a professional, private vault, outside of the banking system in the US or internationally. The physical bars and coins are held separately in your name and are in your exclusive control.
  • EASY TO BUY, EASY TO SELL. SchiffGold already has precious metals located at the primary depositories, therefore your precious metals can be purchased and price-locked with a short phone call or email. Your metal will then be shipped directly to the vault location of your choosing. When you want to sell, contact us and we will arrange for your metal to be transferred out of your account and into one of our accounts at the same facility. This is a significant time and cost advantage compared to shipping precious metals between one’s home and the depository.
  • LOCATION OPTIONS. Multiple vault locations to keep your precious metals safe and secure. The current vault offerings include Las Vegas, Nevada as well as international options in Toronto, Canada and Singapore.
  • LOWEST PRICING. We offer both combined services at a reasonable price. That way you can know where your precious metals are at all times.


All of these features may sound expensive, but because of SchiffGold’s partnership with TDS we can offer one low affordable price. We charge one yearly price that includes allocated and segregated storage.

Allocated and Segregated Vault Storage

00.04167% per MONTH, which equals

00.50% of asset value per YEAR

That’s just $500 for every $100,000 stored


$180 per YEAR

(whichever is greater)

That’s a significantly lower price than most other storage options in the precious metals world. Fees are payable by check, bank wire, or paypal, with no long term commitments required. You simply pay on a quarterly basis-and you only pay for the days you’ve used.

Remember, you can ship your precious metals, or move them to a different vault, in our system or outside it, at any time. You can also visit the vault and pick up your precious metals in person at any time, by just scheduling a visit. Lastly, you can sell your metals to us with ease.

Is Vault Storage the Best Option for Me?

When it comes to keeping precious metals in one’s possession as opposed to storing it in an off-site vault, some live by the rule, “if you don’t have it, you don’t own it.”

At SchiffGold, we acknowledge the value of holding precious metals on one’s private property. Holding metal personally reduces counterparty risk. We believe all individuals should have some precious metal “within arm’s reach” in case of a crisis. However, there are numerous appeals to potentially outsourcing and diversifying storage. The larger your investment, the more important physical storage diversification becomes.

With our storing partner, ACCOUNTS ARE IN YOUR NAME ONLY, so you don’t have any liability should Schiff Gold no longer be in business. This is an important factor as most storage options give you direct liability should the precious metals dealer go out of business. This ensuring of direct ownership can’t be understated. Fast and secure physical delivery is just a phone call away. The entire process is all under the supervision of the world’s top vault providers and third party auditors.

This service is not for individuals only. LLC's, Trusts and other entities are eligible to open storage accounts as well.

Start Your Vault Storage in 3 Easy Steps

01) Download the Form

In order to avoid delays while processing your form, please ensure the following is properly filled out:

  1. - All dates (including the date on page 1 of the storage agreement portion).
  2. - Page 7 filled out under “Client”.
  3. - Passport or Driver’s License copy per individual listed on the application.

  4. For Trust or LCC or other/ Business entity:
  5. - Trust Account - Copy of pages from Trust. Include cover page and page reflecting beneficiaries.
  6. - Business or Other - Articles of Incorporation.

*Please include clear pictures of photo ID for each person included on the application.

Once complete, scan the form and e-mail it back to Schiffgold at
or fax at 212-481-0316

02) Choose Your Location

You get to decide where your metals are stored and located. We have vaulting locations around the world for your convenience. Vaults in Las Vegas, Singapore, and Toronto. You are able to have some metals at multiple locations

03) Purchase Metals from SchiffGold and/or Ship Previously Owned Metals

After you’ve decided you want to store your metals and submitted your application, metals can then be accepted on your behalf at the storage locations. You can either purchase metals from SchiffGold and have them shipped directly to the storage, or ship precious metals that you already own.

Additionally, when it comes to selling, you have the option of having the metals moved for free from your account into one of our accounts, helping you keep your costs low by avoiding shipping/insurance costs. This also allows you to liquidate and profit should a major price move occur.

When you choose us, set your mind at rest knowing that you have made the safe and reliable choice. Your precious metals are being monitored 24/7 at one of the lowest rates in the world.

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