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It shouldn’t be complicated to buy gold and silver. After all, precious metals are among the simplest financial assets in the world – you either own them or you don’t. Whether you’re planning to buy silver or gold, we’re dedicated to making your precious metals experience as easy and pain-free as possible.

Our offerings may seem limited compared to other dealers. That's because we focus exclusively on the value of the metal. We recommend buying only the most common bullion products in the world. Our premiums on these coins and bars are among the lowest in the industry. We do not recommend numismatic coins, proof sets, special editions, or other “collectibles” to serious investors.​

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Recommended Precious Metal Types

We recommend that serious investors focus exclusively on gold and silver bullion coins and bars. Within those categories, we advise sticking with industry standard, nationally-minted coins: American Eagles and Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leafs, Australian Kangaroos, and South African Krugerrands.

SchiffGold Recommendations By Product Type:

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While we do not recommend investing in rare or collectible coins, we do have access to any gold and silver products that might interest you. If you want it, we can get it.

If you are looking for products not listed on our website, we can usually offer them at prices far below what our competitors would charge.

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Pricing for Silver & Gold

Our goal is to consistently offer the best gold and silver bullion coins and bars at the lowest prices possible. We don't charge high commissions, and we strive to keep our premiums among the lowest in the industry. We do this by focusing on proven gold and silver bullion products that are recognized worldwide for their investment value. 

Many of our competitors push exotic or commemorative coins and sell them to unsuspecting investors with exorbitant 25-30% commissions. That means buyers pay prices far above the value of the metal the coins contain. In general, these products are terrible investments. You should not consider them if you are looking to protect your savings from inflation.

Why We Don’t Sell Numismatic Coins

Collecting numismatic coins for their aesthetic or historic value can be a great hobby. However, numismatic coins generally make poor investments for two primary reasons.

The first problem is the excessive markups and commissions. It's not uncommon to see markups of 20% to 35% on numismatic coins. That means the price of gold has to appreciate by 35% before you ever break even on your purchase.

Would you buy a stock if your broker charged you a 35% commission? ShiffGold has its roots in the securities industry, where commissions are far lower. That's one reason we do not sell numismatic coins.

The second problem comes when you want to liquidate your collection. Reselling little-known, unusual, or exotic coins may prove difficult. In some cases, you may have to sell below the market value of the metal. Unless the dealer has an immediate need for the coin you purchased, he may be reluctant to buy it back. In contrast, bullion coins are a fungible commodity. You can be sure a ready, liquid, and transparent global market for gold and silver bullion will always exist.

Why Invest in Precious Metals with SchiffGold?


Liquidity is an important factor when buying gold and silver. There will likely come a time when you want to sell your metals. Since we only work with recognizable, highly liquid bullion products, you can sleep easy knowing that you can always quickly resell the metals you purchased.

Liquidity presupposes a fast and efficient market. That may not exist for many of the numismatic and exotic coins offered by our competitors. Often, the only buyer for your collectible coins may be the dealer from whom you originally bought them. This is not an ideal situation.

SchiffGold stands ready to help you buy or sell your precious metals. We stand behind everything we sell, and we are happy to buy back any gold or silver product that you’ve purchased – whether you bought it from us or not.

Reliability & Integrity

Peter SchiffChairman of SchiffGold

The precious metals field is completely unregulated. Dealers of dubious reputation are not uncommon, as are investing schemes that sound good, but are often rigged to bilk unsuspecting buyers.

In times of economic uncertainty, shady operators take advantage of the urgent and emotional demand for precious metals by jumping into the marketplace. In such an environment it is incumbent on the consumer to only do business with trustworthy companies.

Peter Schiff is Chairman and Principal Owner of SchiffGold. Over the years, Peter has developed a sterling reputation as a no-nonsense straight shooter who zealously guards his public image.

Time and again, Peter has shown his integrity by telling the truth, often at the expense of popularity and potential business. His specific goal with SchiffGold is to bring honesty, integrity, and fair pricing to the business.

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