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Employment Opportunities

Company Info

Founded in 2010 by renowned economic forecaster and gold expert Peter Schiff, SchiffGold is dedicated to the philosophy that owning physical gold and silver are vital elements of a prudent investor’s portfolio. Located in midtown Manhattan, SchiffGold specializes in physical bullion coins and bars. We help clients to take personal possession of their metals, or store them in a vault facility. Our core values include honest investment advice, high-quality customer service, and low prices. All members of our team believe in free markets, libertarian philosophy, Austrian economics, and hard money. Read more about us here.

Junior Broker

Job Description

This is an excellent opportunity to learn the ropes directly from an experienced broker, while developing phone sales and marketing skills. Earn money working for a growing, dynamic, and well-respected bullion dealer. Once you’ve completed one year as a Junior Broker, you may play a key role in developing and growing the firm. 

Job Requirements and Necessary Skills

Applicants must be confident on the phone and possess excellent written and oral communication skills. Work ethic is very important. A Junior Broker will make several hundred outbound phone calls every day to a database of warm leads and clients. Knowledge of the Austrian School of Economics and hard money is essential.

This is a young, fun, and exciting environment. All applicants must mesh well with the team, subscribe to the investment philosophy, have relentless drive and ambition, and be fully committed to the company.

Our office is in Midtown Manhattan and applicant must have the ability to work from our office. No exceptions. Applicants must be motivated, punctual, and coachable.

What You Will Receive

  • Training from an experienced and successful six-figure earning Senior Precious Metals Broker. 
  • Commission pay for all business that you generate.
  • Bonus payout structure. 
  • Possibility for promotion to work as an independent Precious Metals Broker after successful one-year tenure as Junior Broker.

How to Apply

Applicants should provide a resume and cover letter describing why you think you would be a good fit for the company and how you can help us succeed. Please email us at to apply.

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