Offering The

Lowest Wholesale Prices

For High Net-Worth Buyers

Offering The
Lowest Wholesale Prices For High
Net-Worth Buyers

SchiffGold's most experienced precious metals specialists are ready to assist institutional and high net-worth buyers of precious metals both domestically and internationally.

Benefits include:

  • A private phone number for your orders.
  • First priority for all requests.
  • Personal service from our institutional team. 
  • Institutional discount pricing.
  • Most current information about domestic and international metals storage.

For those interested at 
250k+ purchases

Please Call 929-350-0025
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For more information, please read our Privacy Policy

Our SchiffGold Institutional Specialists

Matt Malleo is an Ivy League graduate of Cornell College, where he studied business and first began personally investing in precious metals. Matt was so passionate about gold and silver that he co-founded his own precious metals company after graduation, where he gained first-hand experience of working with large buyers. He eventually sold his share in the company and later found his way to SchiffGold, where he enjoys spreading Peter Schiff's message of sound money and Austrian economics.

Jon Sosnay began his career with Peter Schiff at Euro Pacific Capital, where he worked with The Perth Mint Gold Certificate Program. Jon enjoys helping clients actively manage their physical precious metals holdings and plan for an exit strategy when gold and silver reach the end of their long-term bull run. He is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Bloomington. Jon is the Director of Strategy and Business Development at SchiffGold.

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please read our Privacy Policy

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