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SchiffGold Reviews & Customer Testimonials

Peter Schiff teaches you how to buy gold and silver
SchiffGold Precious Metals Specialists are committed to serving your needs first and foremost. You will not find pushy or aggressive sales tactics. Instead, you’ll find brokers eager to get you the best possible price on the most appropriate product for your investment strategy.

Since I have found SchiffGold, I rely on no one else as a source for gold. Their philosophy of precious metal investment correspond with mine. Whenever I contact them they always have what I want or are able to suggest purchases which fit exactly with my needs, rather than suggesting purchases that enhance commissions or move specific product.

-Jim W.

I shop with SchiffGold, because the brokers are honest and I get the best price on physical metals. Their high degree of integrity keeps me coming back.

-Ted W.

The service at SchiffGold is honest, reliable, secure, and courteous. Their pricing is consistently competitive, and the product has always been delivered as promised.

– Brian T.

It has been our pleasure to work with SchiffGold over the past several years. They have been especially helpful and proactive about keeping us apprised of news and moves in the metals markets. SchiffGold has been a first-class operation since our relationship began, and we always look forward – and pay attention – to correspondence from Peter Schiff.

-Brian A. & Joe F.

Just got my silver eagles. Thanks! When buying precious metals you can’t be too careful, that’s why I’m sticking with a Peter Schiff company. I get no bull bullion at the right price.

-Ali B.

I was very pleased with my experience at SchiffGold. As a first-time gold buyer, I thought my broker was a no-nonsense, down-to-earth, ‘regular’ guy who wasn’t a pushy salesman. I felt he was honestly interested in my financial well-being and I appreciated that. I would highly recommend SchiffGold to anyone who wants a good honest deal.

-Steve S.

I’ve made several precious metal purchases from SchiffGold and have been satisfied each time. The service is honest, reliable, secure, and courteous. Their pricing is consistently competitive, and the product has always been delivered as promised.


As a Euro Pacific Capital client, I value the diligence in investment research the firm deploys on behalf of its clients in this challenging global economic climate. My experience with SchiffGold over the past five years has consistently reinforced that they place a high value on customer service. Their pricing is very competitive, and order fulfillment is simple and smooth. Keep up the good work!

-Michael K.

SchiffGold is not one of the ‘name brand’ gold sellers one hears about constantly on TV. But I follow Peter’s commentary on the market and his thoughts on gold, and felt I would give his company a try. I’m glad I did, as I received my gold very quickly. This type of customer service is just great, and the automated reminders and confirmations make it extremely easy to do business. From what I’ve experienced so far, I’m pleased with having chosen SchiffGold.

-Bob M.

My order came safe and sound, and I have been telling others that SchiffGold is the best way to buy physical gold. The company we bought from before we changed to SchiffGold asked for social security numbers and sold our name to many aggressive coin sellers who hound us all the time. SchiffGold is so much better to deal with, by far! Clean, kind, and no bad after taste!

-Becky K.

My wife and I have purchased metals from a number of companies and were never comfortable with the way they pushed numismatic coins. After we placed an order for Double Eagles with SchiffGold, you called back and explained how we could get a better price for Maple Leafs. When I shared the list of numismatic coins I had purchased from other companies, your appraiser actually made us a better offer for exchanging the coins for more Maple Leafs. I extol the virtues of SchiffGold whenever I get the chance.

-John S.

I was impressed by SchiffGold, because you did what you said you were going to do. I have bought silver from two other major sellers of metals and was disappointed both times, one for the quality of the product and the other for taking months to deliver. I will definitely buy from SchiffGold again.

-Scott T.

I am thoroughly satisfied with all the services provided by SchiffGold. The brokers never tried to pressure me into purchasing something I didn’t set out to purchase under my own volition, and I received my gold and silver in a timely manner. I am completely content in maintaining my relationship with SchiffGold.

-Adams S.

Every senior broker at SchiffGold is a libertarian who is a student of Austrian Economics and not your average salesmen. Everybody is extremely knowledgeable about the markets, the current state in Washington, and of course precious metals. I ordered 110 silver maples and the payment process could not have been any simpler. I cannot recommend this company more highly. I finally found my company!

-Daily Paul reader.

As a small business man, I really appreciate the professional and courteous service the staff at SchiffGold has provided. I look forward to doing more business with you folks.

-John S.

I truly appreciate the time you took with me on the phone to answer the myriad of questions I had, and your guidance in educating me about the various metals and products your company offers. I found the excellent customer service, the quality of the products, and the competitive pricing to all be deciding factors, and I am a loyal customer when I find that in a company or brand. Thanks again for making the investment decision easier to understand for a new investor, and for showing even a small purchase from a new customer the same importance and professionalism as could be expected for larger investors. This truly proved to be the defining factor and consideration in making my decision.

-Reuben G.

I was very pleased with my recent purchase. I appreciate the smooth process and very quick shipping with tracking numbers. My next purchase will be one or two bags of junk silver coins. I already have 1/2-ounce rounds, so now I want a smaller denomination.

-Paul P.

I am very happy with my recent shipment. I felt that SchiffGold got me the best deal that I could get – a true ally in this investment! I will be using you guys in the future.

-Charles M.

I received the latest shipment earlier today. All looks great! Delivery is extremely quick. If I know of someone who is interested in physical metals I will definitely pass them onto you. I was very leery about a service like this (phone, email, wiring money, etc.), but I took a chance and everything exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.

-Tim T.

I’ve followed Peter Schiff’s writings for some time now, and did purchase some silver rounds during 2014. I was very satisfied with the prompt, accurate processing, the safe, no-fuss delivery and the high-quality packaging of my order. I would certainly do business again with Euro-pacific metals.

-Michael S.

The metals arrived sooner than I expected. The delivery process was great. I will be contacting you soon for another order, and I will gladly pass your name to anyone I know is interested in investing in precious metals.

-Craig D.

One of the biggest concerns I had when purchasing precious metals for the first time was sending funds overseas to a company that was new to me. However, I was put at ease by the fact that my friend had taken large deliveries from SchiffGold without a hitch. I was guided through the entire process, including delivery to my door in Hong Kong. I can confidently recommend the customer service and reliability of SchiffGold.

-Richard C.

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