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Special Video: Jim Cramer & CNBC Now Love Gold (Video)

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All of a sudden, everybody has gone bullish on gold, even Wall Street.

Within the last couple of days Jim Cramer, the CNBC Nightly Business Report, and Van Eck Global all sang gold’s praises. Cramer said, “There is a bull market in Gold,” and CNBC Nightly Business Report opened the show Monday proclaiming, “Hard assets – stocks slump, gold shines.”

CNBC even devoted a blog post to technical analysis on the gold bull market, saying “the rally in gold has the potential to develop into a breakout from the consolidation base and become a new uptrend.”

Wall Street has apparently caught on to what Peter Schiff was saying a month ago – 2016 looks like a big year for gold. This video compilation tells the story.


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4 thoughts on “Special Video: Jim Cramer & CNBC Now Love Gold (Video)

  1. Martin says:

    What a “flip flop” artist!! Wasn’t he “lambasting” Peter Schiff and deriding him a few weeks ago? No apology, just stunned silence now his big about-face! – What a jerk 🙂

  2. Russ says:

    So people actually listen to Cramer? I listened to Peter Schiff and Ron Paul back in 2007 and was able to save my 401K and bought into silver and even now I’m still ahead of the game. Thanks Peter!!

  3. Troy Flowers says:

    Its nice and all that Cramer is pro-gold now.. But I don’t really need Jim Cramer to rubber stamp what many of us have known for years… Gold (and Silver) are great hedging tools… We don’t need Jim Cramer because we have Peter!!! Peter is my hero not Jim Cramer

  4. xxxChurch 100 says:

    On Mr Cramer’s web page he is promoting ETF as a way for investors to gain some exposure to gold … he then goes on to advise 10 – 20 % of a portfolio invested in this class of asset .

    1. ETF is not gold … they are a paper promise to deliver gold ..there is risk involved .
    My totally unqualified advise … get and hold ONLY gold physical and silver too.
    “Rich Dad ” Robert K says that silver is a “smoking deal , very undervalued ” and ” the best deal he has ever seen in his life time ! ” … I believe him

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