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A Bullish Outlook for Silver and Other Silver News

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Silver prices are expected to rise in 2020 with macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions remaining broadly supportive for precious metals, this according to a report highlighted in the latest issue of the Silver Institute’s Silver News.

The Silver Institute projects a 3% increase in silver industrial demand. Demand from the electrical and electronics sector should account for the bulk of the gains.

Global jewelry demand is forecast to maintain modest growth and holdings in silver exchange-traded products (ETPs) are forecast to remain elevated in 2020. Silver physical investment, consisting of purchases of silver bullion coins and bars is projected to increase for the third year in a row, by around 7%.

The latest edition of Silver News also highlights some fascinating technological developments utilizing the white metal and other interesting news related to silver.

  • The Center Smart Materials and Adaptive Systems (CeSMA) at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC in Würzburg, Germany,  has developed highly elastic sensors and actuators based on silicone and silver. Engineers added silver nanowires to silicone – in alternating layers of conductive silver and insulating silicone – producing a material that can carry electricity while maintaining its flexibility.
  • This issue features an interview with Tradewind Markets CEO Michael Albanese, a Silver Institute member company.
  • Nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego have built micromotors that zip through the body and act as bait for bacteria such as E. coli in acidic environments like the stomach. Once the bacteria are trapped, they are killed by silver ions.
  • A gold-plated silver coin from Latvia shaped like a honeycomb won 2020 Coin of the Year in ceremonies held on February 1 in Berlin, Germany.
  • By using a silver compound — silver diphosphide — as a catalyst, researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina are converting greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into liquid fuel (also known as syngas) which is an intermediary in producing other chemicals.

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