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POSTED ON May 8, 2024  - POSTED IN Original Analysis

In 2009, 140 banks failed, and a recent report from financial consulting firm Klaros Group says that hundreds of banks are at risk of going under this year. It’s being billed mostly as a danger for individuals and communities than for the broader economy, but for stressed lenders across America, a string of small bank failures could quite quickly spread into a larger bloodbath — especially in an economy with hot inflation and a feverish addiction to ultra-low interest rates.

POSTED ON May 3, 2024  - POSTED IN Original Analysis

Cocoa prices have dumped since rocketing to a dramatic peak last month as an El Nino cycle winds down and traders rush out of the illiquid market. For now, depreciating fiat currencies are still keeping the cocoa price still far above its 2023 levels. Coffee has had a similar rise and subsequent correction — but now, inflation and other factors are conspiring to brew a pot of strong fuel for more upward price action in markets for the world’s other favorite bean.

POSTED ON April 29, 2024  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

Beneath the sweet surface of our favorite treats lies a bitter reality: inflation has sent cocoa prices soaring to unprecedented heights. Once deemed the food of the gods and now a daily indulgence for millions, chocolate is facing a dramatic upheaval as wholesale cocoa prices have rocketed past $11,000 per ton. Our guest commentator explains why this startling surge is a result of meddling from the Fed, leaving chocolate lovers and manufacturers in a squeeze.

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POSTED ON April 26, 2024  - POSTED IN Original Analysis

The wizards at the Fed and US Treasury have been forced to acknowledge that their “transitory,” inflation is, in fact, quite “sticky.” And with the inflation elephant now acknowledged by the circus of high finance, Treasury yields keep inching up, recently reaching 4.7% — the highest since November. The Fed is stuck: It needs to raise interest rates to tame inflation and make Treasuries more attractive. But the Fed can’t afford higher rates, with an already-untenable cost to service the existing debt and loan-dependent industries teetering on the brink.

POSTED ON April 24, 2024  - POSTED IN Exploring Finance

Money Supply is a very important indicator. It helps show how tight or loose current monetary conditions are regardless of what the Fed is doing with interest rates. Even if the Fed is tight, if Money Supply is increasing, it has an inflationary effect.

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