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POSTED ON December 29, 2023  - POSTED IN Friday Gold Wrap

We’ve reached the end of another year. A new year is always a good time for reflection. And maybe even some resolutions. In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap podcast, host Mike Maharrey talks about the trajectory of gold as we enter the new year, explains an economic truth, offers some thoughts on New Year’s resolutions, and makes a big announcement.

POSTED ON December 8, 2023  - POSTED IN Friday Gold Wrap

It’s not a good idea to argue about things you don’t know anything about. Most people realize this — until it comes to economics. A lot of people argue economics from a position of ignorance. President Biden is one of those people. In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap, host Mike Maharrey dissects a couple of comments Biden made last week and teaches some economics along the way. He also talks about the significance of gold’s record-breaking week.

POSTED ON December 7, 2023  - POSTED IN Original Analysis

Are “greedy” corporations driving inflation? Could taxing billionaires solve the federal government’s fiscal problems?

According to President Joe Biden, the answer to both questions is yes.

And the correct answer is no.

POSTED ON November 24, 2023  - POSTED IN Friday Gold Wrap

Did you know Thanksgiving almost didn’t happen thanks to the Pilgrims’ experiment with socialism? It didn’t work. Fortunately, they figured out some economic truths and the rest is history. In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap, host Mike Maharrey tells the Thanksgiving story you almost certainly didn’t hear in school. He also explains why today is called Black Friday.

POSTED ON November 5, 2023  - POSTED IN Original Analysis

Is war and military spending really good for the economy?

A lot of people seem to think so. In fact, President Joe Biden is selling the latest proposal to send military aid to Israel and Ukraine as an economic stimulus plan. But this notion that spending money for war somehow boosts the economy is rooted in a pervasive economic fallacy.

POSTED ON August 28, 2023  - POSTED IN Original Analysis

Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a state of emergency for 33 Florida counties on Saturday in anticipation of Hurricane Idalia, thus activating one of the most misguided and counterproductive economic policies imaginable.

Yes, with the sweep of his pen, DeSantis banned “price gouging.”

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