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POSTED ON November 1, 2018  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

A rally in the last two days of the month was the lone bright spot in an abysmal October. It was the worst month for global equities in more than six years. Globally, stock markets lost 7.5%, their worst month since May 2012. Even with the late rally, it was the biggest monthly decline in the NASDAQ since ’08.

US stock markets closed up for the second straight day on the final day of the month. It was the first back-to-back days of gains in October. As Peter Schiff put it in his most recent podcast, it may have been Halloween, but the bulls had no fear.

POSTED ON October 31, 2018  - POSTED IN Videos

Pres. Trump has spent a lot of time sniping at Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve in recent weeks. As we put it last week, Powell has become the president’s favorite scapegoat as he tries to deflect blame for the tanking stock market. But in a recent appearance on The Closing Bell, Peter Schiff said there will be plenty of blame to go around when the next crash grips America. And this one will make 2008 look like the roaring ’20s. 

POSTED ON October 30, 2018  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Halloween is tomorrow. Fittingly, fear is back.

Gold appears to be on track for its first monthly gain in seven and safe-haven buying has helped drive the yellow metal higher. As a Goldman Sachs note put it, “fear has made a comeback and gold is benefitting.

POSTED ON October 29, 2018  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

The Dow Jones dropped another 296 points on Friday. The NASDAQ is on pace for the largest monthly decline since the 2008 financial crisis. The Russell 2000 has dropped over 12%. And yet everybody still seems to think everything is fine.

But as Peter Schiff said in his most recent podcast, nobody actually realizes when a bear market starts. When they finally do figure it out, it’s too late. During the last two bear markets, the Federal Reserve has saved the day by reinflating the bubbles. But Peter said the monetary magic isn’t going to work this time around. 

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