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POSTED ON March 28, 2018  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Yesterday, we reported that some of the big mainstream players in the investment world, including Goldman Sachs, have suddenly gone bullish on gold. They aren’t alone. US Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes said he thinks the yellow metal might hit $1,500 per ounce this year.

Even with the headwinds caused by Federal Reserve monetary tightening, gold has had a pretty good start to 2018. It’s up close to 3% on the year. In fact, gold is one of the best-performing assets so far this year. As of March 23, gold had outperformed the dollar index, the S&P 500, US Treasuries and the Bloomberg Commodity Index. 

POSTED ON March 27, 2018  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

In his most recent podcast, Peter Schiff said gold could explode at any minute. Maybe the mainstream was listening because some big players, including Goldman Sachs, have suddenly turned bullish on gold.

Commodity analysts at Goldman say they expect gold to “outperform” in the coming months due to an uptick in inflation and “increased risk” of a stock market correction. According to a CNBC report, it’s the first time in more than five years Goldman’s commodity analysts have been bullish on the yellow metal.

POSTED ON March 22, 2018  - POSTED IN It's Your Dime

SchiffGold’s It’s Your Dime features “straight talk” interviews with movers and shakers in the world of precious metals, investing and economics.

In this episode, host Mike Maharrey talks with SchiffGold senior precious metals specialist Joel Bauman. In an interview recorded earlier this month, they discuss the current state of the precious metals market and Joel talks about where he thinks it’s heading in the near future. Along the way, Joel and Mike get into several interesting subjects including gold and silver’s role as a portfolio hedge, ETFs vs. physical gold, counterparty risk and the cryptocurrency phenomenon.

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