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POSTED ON June 6, 2018  - POSTED IN It's Your Dime

SchiffGold’s It’s Your Dime features “straight talk” interviews with movers and shakers in the world of precious metals, investing and economics.

In this episode, host Mike Maharrey talks with SchiffGold managing director Matt Malleo. They discuss a wide range of topics including the current state of the precious metals market and what potentially lies ahead. They also discuss asset bubbles, the national debt, the potential upside for silver, the future of the dollar, and how gold and silver have historically preserved wealth. Finally, Matt provides you with a quick precious metals Investment 101 lesson.

POSTED ON May 31, 2018  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Are we in the early stages of a gold bull market? Incrementum thinks so and offers three key reasons for this assessment in its most recent In Gold We Trust Report.

At the moment we are at the turning point towards a gold bull market. The macroeconomic and geopolitical factors support this tendency. One of the things we notice across the bull markets of the past 50 years is that, even in its weakest period of increase, gold gained more than 70%. This record supports our optimism for future developments. From our point of view, stronger inflation tendencies or the abandoning of the rate-hike cycle in the US could trigger an increase in momentum of the gold price. We regard these scenarios as realistic.”

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