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POSTED ON January 16, 2024  - POSTED IN Original Analysis

When a country starts to develop economically, a few things tend to happen: the death rate falls, workers become more productive, consumers consume more, and birth rates normally fall. During this period, countries experiencing such changes have a relatively small number of retirees and a small share of the population composed of children.

POSTED ON September 15, 2023  - POSTED IN Market Brief

Gold and silver drifted lower this week before a modest recovery Friday morning, which can be put down to bear closing. Meanwhile, gold hit record levels in yuan and yen terms.

Here’s a breakdown of this week’s gold and silver markets.

POSTED ON August 16, 2023  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

In another blow to dollar dominance, India and the United Arab Emirates settled an oil trade without converting local currencies to dollars for the first time on Monday, as India’s top refiner made a payment for oil in rupees.

Indian Oil Corp. bought a million barrels of oil from Abu Dhabi National Oil Company in a dollar-free transaction.

POSTED ON June 27, 2023  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

There has been a steady migration of gold from West to East over the last three decades.

When the World Gold Council published its first Gold Demand Trends report 30 years ago, Asian demand made up 45% of the world’s total. Today, the Asian share of global gold demand is approaching 60%.

POSTED ON January 24, 2023  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

India’s love for gold is well-known. It is the second largest gold-consuming country in the world behind China. But Indians also have an affinity for silver.

Last year, silver imports into India hit a new record of  304 million ounces. That crushed the previous import high of 260 million ounces set in 2015.

POSTED ON November 23, 2022  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

We recently reported that the Federal Reserve plans to launch a 12-week pilot program in partnership with several large commercial banks to test the feasibility of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The US isn’t alone in experimenting with digital currency. India is working on developing a digital rupee and recently announced the second phase of testing.

After successfully running a pilot program to test its digital currency at the wholesale level, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced it will test the digital rupee in a retail setting.

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