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POSTED ON January 3, 2022  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

Inflation is running rampant. Even Jerome Powell has been forced to acknowledge that this bout of rising prices isn’t “transitory.” As Peter Schiff put it, there is no ceiling on inflation.

The Federal Reserve has sped up its timetable for tapering its asset purchases and raising interest rates. Many in the mainstream have called this a “war” on inflation, but the central bank is bringing a pea shooter to a bazooka fight. A real fight against inflation would require interest rate hikes that would crash a US economy built on debt.

POSTED ON December 31, 2021  - POSTED IN Exploring Finance

As reported last week, Comex January’s open interest activity was looking strong in silver and modest in gold. The initial results are promising, especially given the probability contracts will open mid-month for immediate delivery.

This analysis focuses on gold and silver physical delivery on the Comex. See the article What is the Comex for more detail.

POSTED ON December 31, 2021  - POSTED IN Exploring Finance

While on the surface, it appears the Federal Reserve asset purchase taper has started, it’s not as easy to prove when you dig into the details.

The Fed is certainly not being as aggressive as they promised, and for good reason. As the Fed leaves the bond market, who will fill the gap? Since 2019, the Fed has quadrupled the Treasury purchases of international holders and has been one of the biggest players in the Treasury market.

POSTED ON December 31, 2021  - POSTED IN Friday Gold Wrap

We’re on the cusp of a new year. We certainly had a wild ride in 2021 with continuing coronavirus drama, inflation that turned out to be not so transitory, and a record-breaking stock market bubble. So, what was the biggest story of 2021? Friday Gold Wrap host Mike Maharrey thinks it was a story that wasn’t told – the story of real interest rates. He wraps up the year by telling that story.

POSTED ON December 29, 2021  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

President Joe Biden’s “build back better” spending bill seems to be dead — at least for the time being. But there is still plenty of spending coming down the pike. This raises an important question: how is the Federal Reserve going to simultaneously taper its bond-buying program and monetize all of this debt?

On Monday, President Joe Biden signed a massive military spending bill into law.

POSTED ON December 28, 2021  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

While the Federal Reserve talks about tightening monetary policy, the Chinese central bank is heading in the opposite direction. This could boost gold demand in that country even further.

Earlier this month, the People’s Bank of China announced a 0.5% cut in financial institutions’ required reserve ratio (RRR). According to the World Gold Council, this move will inject about $1.2 trillion yuan into the Chinese economy.

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