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Peter Schiff: Politicians Are Nothing But Actors

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When Peter Schiff appeared on Joe Rogan’s show, he made the case that the Federal Reserve and Congress are the real problems facing America. The central bank and the federal government cripple the economy, destroy opportunity, and generally make life more difficult for the average American. But why? Why would people who claim to be “public servants” harm the very people they supposedly represent? Peter explains in this clip from the interview.

Rogan asked what incentivizes politicians and government bureaucrats to handicap the operation of markets and keep them from thriving? What do they have to gain from destroying economic opportunity and keeping people from working?

Peter said it comes down to power. And they want to keep it.

They want to get elected, and they want all the perks that come with elected office. Most people who are in government live pretty good lives.”

Rogan interjected, “There’s a reason they do it. It’s not that they want to serve the people or help the people. They want personal benefits.”

Peter agreed.

That’s all the nonsense, right? They all pretend that they’re public servants. But that’s the spiel. They’re acting. They’re playing a part. That’s a means to an end. They want the power. They want the perks that come with elected office.”

But getting elected is no easy feat. It costs a lot of money. That means you have to convince people to donate to your campaign. You also have to convince people to vote for you.

So, they’re not making policy that’s good economics. All they’re trying to do is get elected and get donations. And so they have a vested interest in helping the people that give them money. And people are always trying to buy special perks from government — a tax break or ‘regulate my competitor instead of me,’ or, ‘Put this guy out of business.’ And of course, a lot of people just vote for something for free. That was the power of Bernie Sanders. ‘I’ll give you free stuff, vote for me.’ And there are a lot of people who don’t know any better and they’re just going to vote for whoever promises the most free stuff.”

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