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Don’t Let a Little Debt Get in the Way of Learning (Video)

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When Alexis meets Scott Govinsky (“Everybody calls me Gov”), she’s ready to drop out of college and pursue a small business that has been making her money. Gov convinces Alexis to not only stay in school by taking out a loan, but to go into even more debt than necessary by traveling abroad in Italy.

Gov tries to brush reality under the rug when he says, “Don’t let information get in the way of learning.” What exactly is the information Gov ignores? The same information we share in our new white paper – The Student Loan Bubble: Gambling with America’s Future. Students aren’t the only ones who have to worry about college loans – the entire US economy is going to feel it when this bubble bursts.

Enjoy the video below, then click here to download SchiffGold’s free white paper.

This is the first part of a short comedy series published by The Independent Institute – “Love Gov”. The series pokes fun at the many problems of big government, personified by Gov. Sometimes reality is so bad, the only way to grapple with it is through humor. However, while “Love Gov” might make you smile, the Orwellian arguments coming from Gov sound all too familiar:

That’s what loans are for – when you don’t have the money for it. Sounds like someone needs an education. I know some people. If I vouch for you, they can definitely get you the money that you need. Maybe even a little extra.”


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