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POSTED ON April 21, 2023  - POSTED IN Friday Gold Wrap

Most attention in the precious metals markets has focused on inflation and the Federal Reserve’s response. The perception that the Fed will continue to tighten monetary policy to fight inflation has created headwinds for gold and silver. But as Friday Gold Wrap host Mike Maharrey explains, there is a silver lining in all this – the fundamentals for silver. In this episode, Mike highlights silver’s supply and demand dynamics. He also covers some good news for gold and silver coming out of Arkansas.

POSTED ON April 19, 2023  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signed a bill into law making gold and silver legal tender in the state. The new law also effectively repeals the state capital gains tax on gold and silver. Enactment of this legislation will relieve some of the tax burden on investors, and take a step toward treating precious metal bullion as money instead of a commodity.

POSTED ON October 21, 2022  - POSTED IN Friday Gold Wrap

Inflation is raging. The economy is teetering on the brink. Government spending is out of control. All of this has a root cause. Our money is broken. In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap podcast, host Mike Maharrey talks about what broke our money and the only way to fix it. He also reveals the illusion of rising wages and breaks down Whoopi Goldberg’s inflation blame game.

POSTED ON May 17, 2022  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

If you want freedom, you need sound money.

So, argues economist Ludwig von Mises.

It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not realize that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments. Ideologically it belongs in the same class with political constitutions and bills of right.”

POSTED ON February 1, 2022  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

A bill filed in the Oklahoma Senate would establish a state bullion depository similar to the one operating in Texas. This would not only create a safe place to store precious metals; it also has the potential to facilitate the everyday use of gold and silver in financial transactions in Oklahoma and set the stage to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

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