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POSTED ON December 14, 2017  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

The last few weeks have been tough on gold. If you have a short-term mentality, you might even think the gold market has gone bearish. But as World Gold Council chief market strategist John Reade pointed out in a piece he wrote for the December issue of WGC Gold Investor, 2017 has been good for gold. And he sees some key reasons to believe 2018 will be as well.

POSTED ON December 14, 2017  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

The December Federal Open Market Committee meeting went pretty much according to scrip.

Analysts widely expected the Fed to raise rates by .25. It did. Analysts also expected the Fed to signal three more hikes in 2018. It did that too.

Gold went up, as we said it probably would, hitting a one-week high in the wake of the rate hike as investors “bought the fact.”

POSTED ON December 13, 2017  - POSTED IN Videos

Peter Schiff recently appeared on RT Boom Bust to talk gold and silver.

Gold has struggled over the last few weeks with a looming Federal Reserve rate hike and the specter of tax cuts on the horizon weighing precious metals down. Peter said he thinks this is something of a seasonal lull and he expects the price to bounce back in the first part of 2018.

POSTED ON December 12, 2017  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Bitcoin mania is in full force.

When I get to my desk in the morning, the first thing I do is check the latest gold news. But lately, when I google the word “gold,” I mostly get Bitcoin news. In his most recent podcast, Peter Schiff even suggested CNBC should rename its network the “Crypto News Bitcoin Network.”

Many analysts have suggested Bitcoin is replacing gold. In fact, an article on CoinTelegraph reported that some investors are actually dumping their yellow metal in favor of Bitcoin. During a recent interview on CNBC. RJO Futures’ Phillip Streible declared that “Bitcoin has stolen a large market share of gold.” There is at least some anecdotal evidence backing this up.

POSTED ON November 27, 2017  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Some people were predicting Bitcoin would push through the $10,000 level before the end of the year. At the rate it’s going, it may happen before the end of the month.

Bitcoin is on a roll. The cryptocurrency broke $9,000 over the Thanksgiving holiday and quickly pushed up to $9,700. There are also increasing signs of mainstream adoption. CME Group plans to list Bitcoin futures beginning in mid-December, and Coinbase says it added more than $100,000 new users over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Some analysts look at all the action in the world of cryptocurrency and predict the demise of gold. But there are plenty of reasons to believe gold will be just fine.

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