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Texas Bill Would Create State-Issued Gold-Backed Digital Currency

POSTED ON April 5, 2023
Bills introduced in the Texas House and Senate would create a state-issued, gold-backed digital currency. Enactment of this legislation would create an option for people to transact business in sound money, set the stage to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money and create a viable alternative to a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

A Matter of Control: SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap March 10, 2023

POSTED ON March 10, 2023
There has been a lot of talk about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) lately. Supporters tell you they will provide a safe, secure, convenient alternative to cash. But in this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap, host Mike Maharrey digs deeper and explains that CBDCs are actually about more government control. He also talks about how Jerome Powell talked and tanked the markets this week.

Nigerians Not Eager to Embrace Central Bank Digital Currency

POSTED ON March 7, 2023
Violent protests in Nigeria reveal that getting average people to embrace central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) might be more difficult than government officials would like. Nigerians recently took to the streets to protest a cash shortage caused by government policies adopted in order to push the country into the adoption of its central bank digital currency (CBDC). Protesters attacked bank ATMs and blocked streets, and demonstrations turned violent in some cities.

Oklahoma Bill Would Help Minimize the Impact of Central Bank Digital Currency

POSTED ON February 28, 2023
There has been a lot of talk about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). The powers that be sell CBDCs on the promise of convenience and security. But in reality, they are part of a broader "war on cash" and a push to give governments even more control and power over you and me. Digital currencies could allow governments to track and even control everybody's spending. But some state legislators are pushing back against CBDCs and working to implement laws to protect people in their state from this excessive federal government control.

War on Cash: India Rolling Out Retail Pilot Program for Digital Rupee

POSTED ON November 23, 2022
We recently reported that the Federal Reserve plans to launch a 12-week pilot program in partnership with several large commercial banks to test the feasibility of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The US isn't alone in experimenting with digital currency. India is working on developing a digital rupee and recently announced the second phase of testing. After successfully running a pilot program to test its digital currency at the wholesale level, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced it will test the digital rupee in a retail setting.

War on Cash: New York Fed Launches “Digital Dollar” Pilot Program

POSTED ON November 16, 2022
On Tuesday (Nov. 15), the New York Federal Reserve announced a 12-week pilot program in partnership with several large commercial banks to test the feasibility of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The "proof of concept" program will test an "interoperable digital money platform" on a regulated liability network (RLN) for "technical feasibility, legal viability, and business applicability of distributed ledger technology,” according to a press release.

Bank Run in Russia as People Try to Access Cash

POSTED ON March 3, 2022
As economic sanctions began to put a stranglehold on the Russian economy, long lines formed at banks and ATMs as everyday people tried to pull cash from their bank accounts. A Russian economy expert from the Foreign Policy Research Institute called it "a full-fledged bank run."

War on Cash Warning: Canada’s Major Banks Mysteriously Go Offline

POSTED ON February 23, 2022
What would you do if you went to the ATM and found that you couldn't access the money in your bank account? Many Canadians recently suffered this unsettling experience. Customers of five major Canadian banks reported mysterious online banking outages last week after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he was invoking emergency powers in response to a massive trucker protest. This gave the Canadian government the authority to freeze bank accounts.
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