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Understanding the Tax Man: The Gold & Silver Buying Guide & $10K Reporting Myth

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You may have heard that you can’t purchase more than $10,000 worth of gold without it being reported to the IRS.

This is a myth.

You can avoid IRS reporting requirements, even on large-scale purchases. You just have to know the rules. Our revised Guide to Tax-Free Gold and Silver Buying provides the information you need to navigate the complex world of IRS reporting. You’ll learn:

  • The truth about $10K reporting requirements.
  • What kind of sales transactions trigger IRS reporting.
  • How to buy and sell gold and silver in complete privacy.

Download The Updated Free Tax-Free Gold and Silver Buying Guide Here

SchiffGold’s Guide to Tax-Free Gold & Silver Buying makes it easy to understand exactly what the IRS requires are so you can buy and sell privately with confidence.

You may want to maintain your privacy when buying and selling precious metals, but IRS regulations create a formidable minefield to navigate. There are some transactions that trigger IRS reporting requirements, but there are many that do not. They key is understanding the rules.

The revised SchiffGold’s Guide to Tax-Free Gold & Silver Buying can help you to navigate IRS reporting requirements when investing in silver and gold. The easy-to-read guide lays out transactions that trigger reporting for both the purchase and sale of precious metals.

There are some situations where buying gold or silver in amounts over $10,000 require the dealer to report the sale by filing IRS Form 8300. But in truth, there are really very few transactions that trigger this requirement. This new report tells you exactly what to avoid if you want to maintain your privacy.

When it comes to selling your gold, there are a number of scenarios that require dealers to issue a 1099-B reporting your income on the sale. But again, there are many transactions that don’t meet the reporting threshold.

You can theoretically buy and sell gold and silver in complete anonymity by simply limiting yourself to specific transactions the IRS doesn’t track.

Don’t be discouraged by myths or fear of the tax-man. With the information in SchiffGold’s Guide to Tax-Free Gold & Silver Buying at your fingertips, you can confidentially buy and sell gold and silver in complete privacy.

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