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Top 5 Most Popular SchiffGold Stories of 2016

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Along with its string of celebrity deaths, presidential comebacks, and populist political movements around the globe, 2016 will also be remembered as full of dramatic market changes. Because history tends to repeat itself, here’s a look back at the top five most popular Schiff gold blog posts of 2016 that may prove beneficial for investors in 2017.

3 Reasons the Dollar Will Fall with Trump’s Fiscal Stimulus


Peter Schiff explains that higher rates would mean a stronger return on the dollar as the cost of borrowing increases. This reasoning only works if you ignore these three realities of our current economy: Fiscal Stimulus Needs Monetary Stimulus, US Debt Increase, and Bursting the Bubble Economy.

Man Finds Gold Horde Worth $3.7 Million in Deceased Relative’s Home 


A man discovers his newly acquired home was actually scattered with hidden treasures of gold. Throughout the house, a local auctioneer confirmed a total of 220 lbs. (3208.33 Troy oz.) of gold coins and bars totaling $3.7 million, all uniquely hidden in tin boxes, whiskey bottles and under linens. Read more …

Silver Mining CEO: Triple-Digit Silver Prices Coming in the Near Future 

Silver iPhone

Keither Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp., says the price of silver could surge to $140 per ounce as early as 2019 with the help of the booming electronic industry. Analysts predict there will be a billion more smartphones and tablets in China and India alone. Read More…

Housing Bubble Floating Towards Sharp Drop in Demand 

House Keys On Mortgage Agreement

The Mortgage Bankers Association continues to release data showing a sharp drop-off in mortgage applications. The MBA’s report blamed higher interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages as the cause of the downturn. Currently, rates are at a two-year high with a discouraging outlook for current and potential homeowners. Read more…

Reforming the Fed: Where the Candidates Stand 


The debates didn’t seem to shine much of a light on topics like the Federal Reserve and interest rates. This infographic breaks down where Clinton vs. Trump stands on reforming the Federal Reserve. Read more…

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