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Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Says Buy Silver While You Can

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In a series of tweets, Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki said now is a great time to buy silver.

Kiyosaki predicted that the dollar will ultimately crash when the Fed pivots and surrenders to inflation.

And that’s going to happen sooner rather than later, he said in a recent tweet.

Will US dollar follow English Pound Sterling? I believe it will. I believe the US dollar will crash by January 2023 after Fed pivots.”

Gold and silver have both sold off in the last several months based on the notion that the Federal Reserve is going to win its fight against inflation. But we had a brief rally in both metals after the Bank of England surrendered to inflation and pivoted back to lose monetary policy to rescue its pension system. In a recent interview with Charles Payne, Peter Schiff said the Fed will ultimately follow the same trajectory as the BoE.

The Bank of England was just as committed to fighting inflation as Powell, but as soon as it created the beginnings of a financial crisis, they did an about-face and went right back to quantitative easing. I think the same predicament is going to befall the Federal Reserve, and before too long, inflation is going to take a back seat to an even greater crisis — a financial crisis and a worsening recession. And the Fed is going to go right back to more quantitative easing. There’ll be no more rate hikes. In fact, there may be rate cuts. Inflation is going to be nowhere near 2% when they do that. In fact, it’s headed closer to 20%.”

To “profit from the crash of the US dollar,” Kiyosaki said he bought “many more” buffalo silver rounds.

Silver is a bargain. I will not be a victim of the F*CKed FED. Take care.”

Kiyosaki projected $100 to $500 silver within this decade. He said his gold and silver dealer told him, “I can’t get gold or silver coins. The mint will not sell me anymore.” Kiyosaki said to him that means the “end of fake money” is near.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF & Real Estate crashing. As PREDICTED Middle class being wiped out. Silver to stay at $20 for 3-5 years, then climb to $100 to $500. Everyone can afford silver even poor. Accumulate silver now.”

Whether a dollar crash is imminent or further down the road, Kiyosaki is right about one thing — silver is on sale right now.

Kiyosaki noted the silver-gold ratio. That ratio is currently over 86-1. That means it takes over 86 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. To put that into perspective, the average in the modern era has been between 40:1 and 50:1. Historically, the ratio has always returned to that mean. And when it does, it does it with a vengeance. The ratio fell to 30-1 in 2011 and below 20-1 in 1979.

Historically, when the spread gets this wide, silver doesn’t just outperform gold, it goes on a massive run in a short period of time. Since January 2000, this has happened four times. As this chart shows, the snapback is swift and strong.

Kiyosaki pointed out that silver is an investment pretty much anybody can get into.

Why [do] I suggest ‘buy silver.’ For $25 bucks, everyone can buy a silver coin. Don’t take my word for it. Study. Become rich. Don’t be a fool.”

During an interview with Kitco News, the best-selling author more broadly recommended “hard assets” including gold and silver to protect wealth as the “biggest crash in history” unfolds.

Anything that can be printed, like a stock certificate, a bond, or a dollar, I don’t want it. …  I’m a hardcore gold, silver, oil, and food buff… I’m a hardcore hard assets person.”

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