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Peter Schiff’s Gold Giveaway Winners!

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This is not an April Fools’ Day joke!

These are the winners in Peter Schiff’s Gold Giveaway.


Winners collected more than $4,500 worth of prizes, including gold coins, silver bars, and books signed by Peter Schiff.

These lucky people were drawn at random from all of the entries submitted.

Grand Prize Winner – 1 Gold Ounce:

Kathy G., St. Paul, MN

Second Prize Winners – 1/2-Ounce Gold:

Todd P., Denver, CO

Susan B., Lebanon, NH

David N., Boston, MA

Third Prize Winners – 10-Ounce Silver Bar:

Dave M., Peru, IN

Weston L., Midland, TX

Rosemary S., Springfield, OR

Mary Catherine F., St. Charles, MO

Max N., Decatur, GA

Josh S., Pittsboro, IN

John F., Tupper Lake, NY

Aaron D., Fayetteville, AR

Debra G., Sun City, AZ

JoAn K., Denver, CO

Fourth Prize Winners – Peter Schiff signed copy of The Kingdom of Moltz:

Darla P., McKeesport, PA

Alison A., Albuquerque, NM

Linda H., Billings MT

Clifford W., Greenville, TX

Michael B., St. Charles, MO

Agostino O., Mamaroneck, NY

Arturo D., Santa Cruz, CA

Jim N., Boulder Creek, CA

Shawn M., Valdosta, GA

Curt K., Knoxville, TN

Timothy L., Royersford, PA

Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA

Tami F., Fort Wayne, IN

Dianna C., Arlington, WA

Matthew L., Elmira, NY

Chris C., Virginia Beach, VA

Daniel S., Clayton, OH

Jennifer W., Goshen, OH

Allyson B., Eureka Springs, AR

Rick S., Canonsburg, PA

Mark K., Hartford, SD

Mary P., Sedgewickville, MO

Margaret S., Randolph, NJ

Corey O., Bellevue, WA

Shaun R., Holden, LA

A big thank you to everybody who entered!

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