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Get Up to 30% More Silver Free!

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If you are holding American Silver Eagles, this is a great time to exchange them for silver bars and walk away with a lot more silver.

Due to high demand and coin shortages, premiums on American Silver Eagles have risen to extremely high levels.

The Silver Eagle supply squeeze is due to a shortage of silver planchets. Planchets are silver discs used to strike coins. You can think of them as blanks or slugs. The US Mint doesn’t create its own planchets and must obtain them from outside sources.

According to CoinWeek, “That planchet shortage has resulted in a coin production shortage, with the Mint having struck only 12.8 million Silver Eagles through September 2022 – compared to at least twice that amount at this point last year when demand was at a similar level. And that has pushed premiums way up to perhaps the highest levels over spot ever seen.”



For a very limited time, SchiffGold will swap your American Silver Eagles for silver bars. You can walk away with up to 30% more silver without investing any more capital.

Due to transaction costs, you normally end up with fewer ounces of silver when you switch between silver products. This is a rare opportunity to swap one type of silver for another and receive significantly more silver than you started with. These “arbitrage” opportunities very rarely come up in the physical market.

It’s rare for American Silver Eagle premiums to rise this high and we don’t think they will remain elevated for long.

Take advantage of this opportunity today!


30 Percent More Silver Could Mean A Lot More Money in Your Pocket!

We think the price of silver is going to rally in the future. The more silver you have, the more you’ll profit. For example, if the spot price rises to previous highs of $50 an ounce, every 1,000 Silver Eagles you exchange today will get you an extra $15,000 for free!


This Opportunity Will Likely End Soon!

This silver exchange is made possible by extremely high premiums on Silver American Eagles.

This is the most lucrative exchange opportunity we’ve ever seen. However, this is likely time-sensitive. Silver Eagle premiums have already come off the highs over the past two weeks.

This is a great time to take advantage of this opportunity to accumulate up to 30% more silver FOR FREE without having to commit any new capital.

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