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The Sober (And Fundamental) Reasons to Own Gold

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In his latest piece on Forbes, Richard Lehmann reviews the simple, intelligent, historical reasons for owning gold, and argues that a sell-off by short-term speculators has not changed gold’s fundamentals.

“Not to own gold is to trust government at all levels and in all times to be able to do the right thing to maintain the economy on a steady course and manage the affairs of man in a fair and orderly manner. I could stop there and have won the argument, but that would not be fair to gold’s critics, so let me give them some things they can shoot at.

Gold is criticized as a relic of the past, but that is precisely why it is still so relevant. At no time in history has it lost its appeal as a store of value and, in fact, it represented the universal money until nation governments and warfare made the creation of paper money a necessity.”

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