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Setting the Record Straight on the Gold Standard

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There’s a lot of misinformation circulating about the supposed economic woes caused by the now-defunct gold standard, and the supposed economic boons created by New Deal government spending in the 1930s. Brian Domitrovic’s recent op/ed in Forbes exposes the errors of some of the highest profile gold detractors in the media. He points to the data that proves the gold standard actually promoted real economic growth and stability. Do you have friends who doubt gold and claim a gold standard is dangerous and impractical? Make sure they read this article!

“Legitimate history of the gold standard, and its real simulacra, will inevitably sing of broad prosperity, growth, and opportunity. Skidding, international breakdowns, and affluence forsaken will be what attends “abolishing” and otherwise finessing the gold standard. (By the way, the worst year in American economic history was clearly 1933, one year gold was in fact abolished.)”

Read the Full Commentary Here

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