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“That meant she paid more than $20,000 for silver coins she never agreed to buy…”

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Words spoken by Robert White, an appraiser, who checked out the inventory Nola Cronk had just acquired from  Capital Gold Group. Cronk approached an appraiser after having a hellish battle with what she thought was a move to protect her retirement.

Nola Cronk’s husband had passed away, and unfortunately he was the one who took care of finances, so she was soon left to her own to find the right place for the wealth she had left. She expressed interest in Capital Gold Group who quickly took advantage of this vulnerable client. They first asked for her financial records, assuring her after viewing that she need to act quick and move over $300K into gold. Then the broker who spoke with her over the phone, soon received a signed contract and a done deal through persuasive tactics that left Cronk seemingly helpless. Even when her buyer’s remorse kicked in and she asked to lessen the investment amount, she was met with, “You’ll either buy it or we’ll take you to court and we’ll get everything you have.”

Had Cronk or her family members known about Peter Schiff’s latest Gold Scam Report and/or this blog it may have prevented her from such a travesty. There are a few preventive measures that one should take when faced with a situation like hers.

From the sound of the broker she was dealing with on the phone, she should have been tipped off right away that something was fishy. His persuasion tactics and downright unsatifactory customer service is not something anyone should tolerate when investing in precious metals. This is your life savings and livelihood and should be handled with care, and by a caring person.

Also, before you decide to invest in precious metals, sift through your options. Nola Cronk knew she had some retirement money to invest, but what she needed to know was where are a few places that this could safely go? Finding the type of bullion you are looking for, for instance: American Gold Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs, and having specific requests in mind will keep you from receiving offers about metal you are not familiar with.

What would seem to be no-brainers can easily be looked over when making a huge decision about investing. Your adrenaline is pumping, your mind overflows with questions, and your hopes and dreams lay in the distance, in hopes to be acquired after your successful financial decisions. In your head you are not thinking to ask the broker if you can record the phone call, what the return policy is on the physical metal, and you’re probably not thinking to Google the man or woman you are speaking too. Well today is the day you begin to make that mental check-list. If your over-the-phone-broker does not grant you the wishes you desire, in order for you to feel confident in your purchase, you are most likely buying from the wrong dealer.

Nola Cronk was eventually sent her precious metal, however not in the way she expected. She’s taken the Capital Gold Group to court, and they’ve been required to pay her in the sum of $67,000…however that money has yet to arrive. Don’t be another Cronk when making the decision to preserve your wealth in precious metals. Read the Gold Scams Report and share her story as well as the steps to smart gold buying!

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