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Share the Story of Your First Physical Purchase!

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So here at SchiffGold we try to keep you abreast of the latest in scams happening around the world and perhaps even in your neighborhood. Our blog has been running for a few months now and we’ve generated quite the buzz on Facebook, where we already have over 4,000 Fans! So today we’d like to hear from you. What was your first, physical metal buying experience like? Did you run into any of the problems that are covered in the Peter Schiff Gold Scam Report while shopping for the right dealer? A salesperson pushing numismatics? Dealer ever ask you to meet in a Kmart parking lot? We want to know!

Today you get to share it with the world, anonymously if you so choose. Submit in the comments section of this article or on Facebook, and perhaps your story will be featured in an upcoming post here at Gold Scams. It could have been a unique experience, or one that could be seen as controversial. Either way, learning from each other’s experiences can help guide all precious metal investors down a more knowledgeable path.

All stories are welcome, so don’t hesitate to help out your fellow investors by sharing about that time you bought from your neighbor, the corner bullion shop in your hometown, or maybe from a company like ours!

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4 thoughts on “Share the Story of Your First Physical Purchase!

  1. JG says:

    I knew my friend had some gold bars. I wanted one. So I sent him a facebook message asking if he was willing to sell me one. He was pissed that I sent a facebook message considering that he wanted his gold ownership to be “off the radar.” Regardless, he sold me a 1 ounce Credit Suisse ingot for Spot.

    A few days later, I sent the ingot, plus $200 in twenty-dollar bills to my friend, a gold/silver dealer in Montana. He exchanged the CS bar for 10, 1/10th ounce Kruggerands.

    I don’t really consider the Kruggerands and bag of junk silver an “investment” but rather a hedge on “tail events” like hyperinflation, currency controls, etc.

  2. Luca says:

    The first time I decided to buy gold I didn’t know where to look. I knew I wanted something else than paper money but I didn’t know a lot about it. I was born in a “World of paper” and had no idea of what real money was. I realized that painfully when I needed to convert all my savings to a different currency and saw how much money I was loosing in the transaction. I decided at that time that I needed to have some of my saving in something that could have worked as a store of value and decided for gold and silver. After some online research I went with a reputable Company based in the UK also suggested by Peter Schiff which I trusted for his moral integrity and bought my first gold bars almost at the peak! Since then I realized that that wasn’t the peak.

  3. EDWARD DAVIES says:

    My wife and I have been contacted over the phone by someone selling gold who representes some company (…………..Nevada). I will not deal with them because I dislike dealing over the phone with someone I don’t know for such a significant investment. They want to take your funds from the bank electronically and then who knows what you will receive in the mail a few weeks later!!! I like to see what I am buying before I buy!!!

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