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Gold Scams Exposed Joins Peter Schiff’s Gold News!

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You might not know that SchiffGold maintained an independent Gold Scams blog for many years to keep investors informed of the latest tricks and traps in the industry. The site had become a popular resource for learning about the latest gold scams, as well as how to safely purchase precious metals. The Gold Scams community on Facebook has almost 15K members and continues to grow.

Now, in our effort to create a one-stop shop for gold investors, we merged the Gold Scams blog into a new Gold Scams Exposed section of Peter Schiff’s Gold News. Bookmark this page to stay on top of:

  • Breaking news of confirmed scammers who have been busted
  • Bogus gold and silver products you’ll want to avoid
  • Tips to buy smarter and avoid getting ripped off

This new section of our website is the perfect place for you to get involved! We want to hear your precious metals stories. Have you been ripped off while buying gold? Or perhaps you’ve had a good experience purchasing precious metals and have some tips to share? Help others by sharing your stories, or send us news of possible scams at

Peter Schiff's Gold Scams Report

If you haven’t yet, please download Peter Schiff’s recently updated Classic Gold Scams report. This free 9-page special report is free and will teach you the basics of safe precious metals buying. Click here for more information.

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3 thoughts on “Gold Scams Exposed Joins Peter Schiff’s Gold News!

  1. adam markoff says:

    Peter says that everyone should have about 10% of their portfolio in gold. But if he is so convinced that the dollar will crash, why not put 90% of ones wealth into gold?

  2. William says:

    I like the man Peter , keep up the good work and news brother.

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