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Fun on Friday: My Trip to the Office

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This week I went to the SchiffGold office.

Now, you might think, so? I mean, you run the SchiffGold website. What’s the big deal?

Well, it was a big deal because this was the first time I’ve ever actually been to the office. And it’s the first time I’ve met the SchiffGold crew in person.

When you think about it, this reveals what an amazing world we live in. I mean, when I was flying up, I logged into high-speed internet on an airplane at 30,000 feet. I texted my wife and said, “What an amazing world we live in.”I can live in Florida and work with guys in New York City every single day without actually having to be in New York City.

And this is a good thing because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live in New York City.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the city. I love the fact that I can get virtually anything I want within a few blocks. Heck, they’ll bring a lot of stuff right to my door. And I love the variety of cuisine. Of course, that has a downside. I’m pretty sure I gained about five pounds in three days. My favorite thing about the city is the variety of people all mixed together doing their thing.

On the other hand, it’s a little too peoplely for a guy that grew up in relatively small-town Kentucky. The police/surveillance state is a little too in your face. And the traffic — I think driving here would give me a heart attack. But the worst part is the weather. I moved to Florida to get away from the gloomy, cold.

But it was a good, productive trip. Because while technology is great, there is nothing like face-to-face interaction. There’s a synergy in an office environment when you’re brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other that you can’t reproduce remotely. We came up with some pretty cool ideas that I’ll be implementing in the next month or so. You’ll be getting some more resources that will help you understand the precious metals market, and invest in gold and silver.

The biggest takeaway from my trip was realizing just how great the SchiffGold crew is. If you listen to the Friday Gold Wrap podcast, (if you don’t, what the heck is wrong with you?) you’ve heard me say you should call a SchiffGold precious metals specialist for more information on the economy, the markets, and how gold and silver can work within your investment strategy. Having had the opportunity to watch the guys at work – I can confirm to you that I wasn’t just whistling Dixie (as we say in Kentucky.) These guys know their stuff. They’re professional. They’re committed to run their business with integrity. And overall, they’re just great guys.

So, I’ll say it again. If you want to learn more about precious metals, or just have investment questions, call 1-888-GOLD-160 and talk to one of the guys. You’ll be glad you did. And they can also recommend some great places to eat in Midtown Manhatten.

Fun on Friday is a weekly SchiffGold feature. We dig up some of the off-the-wall and off-beat stories relating to precious metals and share them with you – with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Click here to read other posts in this series.

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