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Fun on Friday: I’m Spoiled…And Old

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Confession time.

I’m spoiled. And old.

I knew this already, but this past week has magnified these truths.

You see, I’m in Florida. And it’s been a tough week.

That sentence alone probably proves to most of you that I’m spoiled — except for those of you who live here and are already tired of the summer heat and humidity. But when I say I’m literally a five-minute walk from the beach, most of you would probably trade places with me.

As for being old – well – I’m in Florida.

But I’m not here on vacation. I’m actually at my mom’s house. She’s had some health issues, so I came down to help her out with some appointments and whatnot. Now usually, when I’m here, it’s a vacation. I sit by the pool and chill on the beach. But this time, I had to work.

Working away from home creates certain challenges for the spoiled. Working away from home five minutes from the beach brings even more – namely the constant temptation to just chuck work and go sit under an umbrella.

I didn’t do that. There were SchiffGold stories to post and a Friday Gold Wrap podcast to record. You’re welcome for my service.

But even dodging the temptation to just go play, working remotely is challenging for spoiled children like me.

For instance, at home, I have two big monitors. Here, I have one laptop. I miss my two monitors — because I’m spoiled.

And also because I’m going blind.

Who shrank the fonts on this laptop? Oh wait, nobody did. I just can’t see any more. This is an ugly reminder that I’m getting old. But that reminder wasn’t as crushing as the nurse at the hospital who thought I was my mom’s husband. I would take solace in the fact that my mom looks young for her age — except the nurse had her birthdate right in front of her.

Then there’s the chair. Mom has a great office space with a beautiful desk. It’s a good-looking chair. It makes the room pop. But it was designed for somebody who sits in it for about 15 minutes at a stretch to pay bills or check email, not for somebody who sits in it all day long writing. I miss my comfy ergonomic chair. My back hurts. And you know who gets sore backs from sitting in bad chairs? Old, spoiled people, that’s who.

Thankfully, the internet connection here is fantastic. Because spoiled people don’t deal well with slow internet.

The real challenge came when it was time to record this week’s podcast. You see, I couldn’t fit my mic stand in my carry-on. And was not going to pay to check a bag, because, like most old spoiled people, I’m cheap. So, I had to adapt and make do. I ended up recording outside with the mic hanging off the supports of an umbrella. You can see this makeshift recording studio in the photo.

It worked!

Now, there were some guest appearances by birds and an airplane, but I got out a pretty solid episode despite the sacrifice of doing it poolside. This is good because there was a heck of a lot of gold news this week with the Fed cutting rates for the first time in more than a decade and Trump threatening to ratchet up the trade war. If you want to get more info on what’s going on, make sure to listen to the podcast and keep up with the latest at And if you want some insight on how all of this could impact your portfolio, talk to a SchiffGold precious metals specialist today at 1-888-GOLD-160

Well, I guess that’s enough spoiled bratty complaining out of the old guy. Maybe I’ll just pack it in now and head to the beach.

Or not.

Because it’s raining.


Fun on Friday is a weekly SchiffGold feature. We dig up some of the off-the-wall and off-beat stories relating to precious metals and share them with you – with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Click here to read other posts in this series.

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