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How Do Valcambi CombiBars Work? (Video)

Over the past several months, we have received a lot of interest in fractional (less than 1-ounce) gold products. Investors want a safe haven for their money, but also a convenient way to barter or spend their gold in case of an emergency. Fractional gold coins make this easier, but generally come at a much higher premium.

Since then, SchiffGold has formed a relationship with Swiss mint Valcambi to deliver our customers the most innovative bullion product to hit the market in decades: the CombiBar. Combibars deliver barterable fractional gold at a competitive price.

A 50-gram gold CombiBar looks like a golden chocolate bar, and just like a chocolate bar, individual 1-gram pieces can be snapped off with no loss of material. This is an excellent barter product, but also a great way to educate friends and relatives about real money by gifting small amounts of gold. At today’s prices, a single 1-gram gold bar is worth about $50, or the cost of an average tank of gas. And while you can bet that gas will cost more and more in dollar-terms, we believe the price in gold will stay the same or even go down over time.

The gold CombiBar is about the size of a credit card, and comes in a protective plastic case with an official assay card and certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the weight and 0.9999 fine quality of the gold. Euro Pacific Precious Metals is proud to offer this innovative product at among the lowest premiums in America.

Watch Peter Schiff Demonstrate the Valcambi CombiBar

The prestigious Valcambi Suisse mint began selling their 50-gram gold CombiBar in Europe more than a year ago, where it became an immediate bestseller. With the ongoing uncertainty in the eurozone, not to mention the recent bank run in Cyprus, Europeans are looking for ways to protect their wealth outside of the banks. Not only that, but people want an asset they can actually use in the case of a banking crisis or hyperinflation scenario. Think about Cyprus for a moment: how would you pay for groceries and other bills if your bank shut down for a few weeks?

We are happy to buy back any CombiBars we sell. Note that although the product is worth more as an intact bar, we will also buy back individual 1-gram pieces at competitive prices. If you intend only to save in gold and never to barter with it, we recommend investing in traditional gold coins and bullion.

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