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Why Doesn’t SchiffGold Sell the Silver Valcambi Combibar?

Last spring, we began selling the Gold CombiBar made by the Valcambi Suisse mint. It was an immediate success. Our customers are clearly interested in owning fractional gold products that make barter easier. If you haven’t yet heard of the CombiBar, you can watch Peter Schiff’s video demonstration of this innovative new gold “chocolate bar.”

Fractional gold coins typically carry very high premiums over spot. With the CombiBar, Valcambi Suisse has managed to create a product that delivers the same barterable gold at an amazingly low markup.

As interest has grown, more customers have inquired about a silver CombiBar. While such a product does exist, the silver market is very different than gold. There are ways to buy fractional silver at low premiums, whereas Valcambi is selling their silver CombiBar at a premium of 40-50% more than its silver value per ounce, which is far more than we recommend investors spend on physical precious metals.

Our core philosophy is that investors should obtain liquid precious metals at prices as close to spot as possible. The markup on the silver CombiBar is simply too high for us to recommend it to our customers.

Instead, SchiffGold has developed the innovative (and exclusive) Silver Barter Bag. These are bags of privately minted 1/2 ounce silver rounds which we sell for as little as 99 cents over the spot price of silver. The fractional silver rounds in our Barter Bags are .999 pure silver and highly barterable. At current prices, a single 1/2 ounce round is worth enough to buy lunch for you and a friend.

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