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What Are The Benefits of Owning Physical Platinum?

Considered the rich man’s gold, platinum is the rarest of all the precious metals, more rare than gold by about 30 to 1. With only 135 tons of the white metal mined annually and high industrial demand, platinum typically trades at a premium compared to gold. Currently, platinum trades at a discount to gold, one of the few times it has over the past 50 years. Still, platinum outperformed gold in 2012.

The largest consumer of platinum is the automotive industry, with the metal made into catalytic converters, which render the fumes from internal combustion engines less toxic. We expect this demand to grow with more stringent air standards worldwide and as citizens in the booming East Asia economies demand their own vehicles. As a metal that is hard to tarnish, platinum is more durable than silver or gold in jewelry, and more coveted. The jewelry demand for platinum continues to increase, with China and India leading the way. Jewelry and industrial uses consume an estimated 90% of the platinum mined annually, with the balance going to investments.

Platinum holds opportunities both as a store of wealth and a speculation on its future price growth. The white metal is 30% below its all-time high price, whereas gold is 11% below its all-time high.

SchiffGold sells physical platinum in a variety of coins and bars to fit your needs.

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