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How Do I Buy Silver: The ABC’s

Silver is both a monetary and industrial metal. Just like gold, silver provides an excellent hedge against inflation. Unlike gold, silver has unique physical properties that give it much higher industrial demand than the yellow metal. These traits of silver mean that as the price of gold rises, the price of silver will track and potentially outperform its yellow cousin.

Another reason to own silver is its usefulness for conducting business. Because of its lower value-to-weight than gold, silver is ideal for small, in-person transactions, like grocery shopping. Suppose the US dollar collapses tomorrow – what will you use to buy basic necessities? You can learn all about the amazing properties and potential of the white metal in our free report, The Powerful Case for Silver.

Silver Coins

Silver American Eagle

The Silver American Eagle is the most popular silver coin in the US. It is legal tender in the United States, with a face value of $1. Its intrinsic metal value is much higher.

1 oz silver buffalo - back of silver coin

1-Oz Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are one of the least expensive ways to own physical, investment-grade silver.

SchiffGold offers the Silver Barter Bag, a new product that is similar to junk silver. Each round is stamped with the weight and purity, making calculating the value of the rounds easier than traditional junk silver.

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