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Does SchiffGold Accept Credit Cards for Purchases?

In order to maintain our low prices, we do not currently accept credit cards for payment.

Competitive dealers like SchiffGold operate on very low margins. Unlike a traditional retailer that can afford to absorb the cost of credit card fees, a 3% credit card surcharge would eat up most of our profit on a sale.

To avoid this problem, many dealers often pass along the fee to their customers. However, a 3% surcharge becomes a significant expense when purchasing precious metals at our minimum transaction amounts. We simply do not advise our customers to pay this much extra for their metals.

It’s for this reason that we encourage clients to avoid using a credit card to buy precious metals, no matter where they shop.

Our most common payment method is by bank wire, which we usually require to be completed within 24 hours of placing an order. We also accept personal checks, though this may delay your transaction if the check is sent in the mail. Alternatively, personal checks can be deposited directly into our bank account at your local Bank of America.

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