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Markets Are Wrong Again: QE4 & Higher Gold on Horizon (Video)

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Peter Schiff got into a heated debate on CNBC this afternoon when he explained why he thinks now is a good time to buy gold. The floor traders couldn’t wrap their heads around Peter’s suggestion that the Federal Reserve might launch a new round of quantitative easing in the next year. Instead, they insisted that the futures market is accurately predicting a Fed Funds rate hike. Peter countered that the markets have been wrong before.

Highlights from the interview:

CNBC: With all of the turmoil we’ve seen in the eurozone, this was the time investors thought that gold would rally. And it didn’t. Why not?

Peter: The dollar is stealing a lot of gold’s thunder. People are fleeing to the dollar rather than gold, and that’s putting pressure on gold. But this false narrative that’s driving the dollar is this belief that the US economy is recovering. I think it’s headed back to recession and that the Fed’s about to start on a tightening campaign. I think the reality is they’re about to launch QE4. So if the markets perceived the truth, they would be fleeing the dollar too, and they would be embracing gold.

CNBC: Are you saying that a rate hike is out of the cards for the Fed?

Peter: I doubt that they’re going to raise rates. Is it possible that sometime between now the end of the year, they might do a trivial quarter-of-a-point hike just to pretend that they can get away with it? It’s probable, but I don’t think it’s likely. In fact, if you look at what Janet Yellen said yesterday, particularly her prepared remarks, all she said was that if the economy evolved as they expect (which never happens), it might be possible that it would be appropriate to raise rates. Maybe it won’t be appropriate, maybe it will. But even if it is appropriate, she didn’t say she’s going to raise them. It’s been appropriate to raise rates for years, and they’re still at zero. It’s not about propriety, it’s about expediency. I think Yellen knows this bubble is too big to pop. Interest rates have been at zero for over six years. Even raising them a little bit will prick that bubble, and that’s the last thing the Fed wants to do.

CNBC: If there is a bubble… do you think a small interest rate hike will pop it or take the top off the market in the sense that investors may have already priced this in?

Peter: I think the air is already coming out of the bubble, just with an absence of QE. If you look at all the economic data that has come out this year, it’s pretty horrible. Yet everybody dismisses it. They expect it to turn around. I don’t see it turning around. I see it getting worse. And yes, even a small rate increase will do a lot of damage. Think about how much debt we have…

CNBC: Let’s bring the conversation back to gold… In terms of the gold price right now, how are you advising your clients? Are you still telling them to buy?

Peter: I’ve been telling my clients to buy gold since the late 1990s. Yes, the last few years have seen gold pulling back. I look at it as an opportunity for people to buy more. I’m not advising short-term traders. It’s hard to tell where gold prices are going to be day-to-day, week-to-week, even year-to-year sometimes. But I’m confident that the trend that began in the late 1990s – the uptrend – is intact, that this is a pullback in a bull market. When is this pullback going to end? There’s been a lot of support every time gold goes below $1200… There has been major buying that has come in. The physical buying is there. My gold company, SchiffGold, we just had our best month in years. I talk to other precious metals dealers who report big sales. My offshore bank, Euro Pacific Bank, just saw a big increase in gold sale. So people are, in fact, buying gold. It’s just the big money, the Wall Street money, is still reluctant to buy gold. They’re probably still shorting it, because they buy into this phony narrative…

QE4, I think, is coming probably by next year, whether they raise rates or not. I think if they actually raise rates, they’re going to have to take back those rate hikes pretty quickly.

CNBC: How in the world do they raise rates and institute QE4?

Peter: No, no, no, they would reverse that. Let’s say they raise rates to 25 basis points. Then by 2016, they lower them back to zero and do QE4.

CNBC: They cannot raise rates, then lower them back to zero, Peter.

Peter: Of course they can!

CNBC: I mean, they can do whatever they want, but I don’t think that would be a sound strategy for the Fed, and I don’t think that’s something they would do.

Peter: That’s probably why they won’t raise rates at all. That’s why they’ll probably keep them at zero…

CNBC: If price is truth, and the price of the Futures markets is the collective wisdom of everybody in the world. If you look at Fed Funds Futures, they’re absolutely a lock… for the Fed to raise rates by the December meeting. 75% likelihood that they’ll increase by December, and then the likelihood that they’ll increase even more continues as you go out further in the Fed Funds Futures. So why is everyone else wrong and you’re right?

Peter: Well, I remember the sub-prime mortgages that we were shorting in 2007. The market said it was a lock, that those were good mortgages. They were trading above par. Everybody thought that the borrowers were going to pay the money back. There are a lot of circumstances where everybody is wrong…

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14 thoughts on “Markets Are Wrong Again: QE4 & Higher Gold on Horizon (Video)

  1. José Augusto Azpúrua Gásperi says:


    Peter Schiff is right. Obviously, the guys at Wall street do not want to see happen what Schiff is saying IS going to hapen, because it will mean heavy losses for all of Wall Street lovers. It can not happen forever that government will be financing all its monetary debauchery by means of continued increases in money supply and bank credit based on the fractional reserve system which exists today.
    I wish all the best to the people in Wall Street, when the day of reckoning arrives and they have refused to see it coming. It’s going to be so bad that those who denied its possibility will be desperate, and in awe by the magnitude of the crash.

  2. Steve says:

    Wow, that guy was a douche! Keep it up Peter. Well done!

  3. Mark says:

    Central Banks are still in control because they can print money and they using it to manipulate markets but one day they will loose that tool and that day is getting closer.You can try to predict weather but you can’t expect somebody to change it. Fed is still in control.

  4. Tony says:

    That Floor-trader didn’t quite understand what Peter Schiff was attempting to convene of the question that was asked of him; he was totally blown away by Schiff’s response that he went on a self-defense mode to make Schiff look like he didn’t know what he was talking about. I am really amazed how many people in the stock exchanges don’t really know how the market really operates and why the last crash that Schiff predicted is of little concern to them.

  5. BigRon says:

    Peter is Big Time Right, I bought 10 ounces @ $650 per of Indian Head Buffalo Coins back in 2005 and have not lost a dime since then !! Semper Fi, US Marine Vietnam Vet Ooo Rah !!

  6. Pilotjk says:

    CNBC = Communist News Broadcast Company

    Anyone out there truly watch CNBC??? Peter, don’t waste your breath with these people….

  7. Giovanni says:

    Peter’s insights were completely drowned out by the cnbc’s talking heads’ stupididity. The people are clearly retarded. I feel sorry for Peter that he has to share his on-air time with such dim-witted morons. I also feel sorry for all those Americans who watch CNBC and think they are actually getting quality financial news and commentary. Yikes.

  8. CT says:

    Why should Peter make a short term Call on gold. The less annoing of the two flor traders just recently called the dollar to depreciate to the euro down to 0,88 in the short term and now we at 0,92.

  9. James Dyer says:

    This interview is precisely the reason I don’t watch CNBC..Just a bunch of arrogant talking heads!

  10. Its a sad commentary when the two twits were being abusive while Peter was talking about the economy and the Fed. Peter was right to talk about the fact that he HAS been making lots of great predictions, in particular the one about the Fed not raising interest rates. On this he has been spot on for quite a long time while every Jack in the box has been guaranteeing rate hikes for many many months. The in depth analysis of the employment data has revealed the true sickness of the economy. I think Peters prediction of QE 4 will further hamper the Fed as they will NOT want to make him right!

    The thing which is most amazing to me is that with rates near 0 for 6 years in the US, the rest of the world printing money like mad and their low rates also that the commodities are getting crushed. This scenario is one which should be sending commodities to new highs now new lows.

    A good intuitive guess here is that the Fed is meddling in markets more than anyone could possibly suspect.

  11. Derek says:

    The simplest way to tell if logic is the basis of someone’s ideas, beliefs or reasoning process is the tone of voice. Peter Schiff always presents his ideas in a manner much akin to a 4th grade teacher teaching 11 year olds. Calm, clear and educative. The insecure ‘macho man’ trading hack that a) interrupts polite alternative flows of conversation b) throws out a random thesaurus word like ‘bifurcated’ out of technical context to sound educated (is there a women nearby to impress ?’ and c) impolitely references himself as ‘got plenty figured out’ projects false confidence and deep emotional insecurity. The heightened adrenaline responses of fight or flight physiology manifests in his form of verbal aggression and physical posturing. Either he is very afraid that Mr. Schiff’s ideas are correct or he feels deeply insecure in his masculinity and desires to project the ‘alpha male’ in front of a woman. I will bet it’s 80% Schiff’s ideas and 20% projection to compensate for emotional and intellectual insecurity. I’m sure he wears his Varsity High School Letterman football jacket on Sundays watching the game while Peter goes deep sea fishing in the Caribbean after working at his offshore bank.

  12. Vincent says:

    This could be a replay of the interview that Peter did with CNBC just prior to the Sub-Prime debacle. Wall Street hacks smirking and acting like fools. Peter was right then, and he is right now.

  13. […] the next recession if rates are stuck at zero? Of course, nobody but Peter is pointing out that a fourth round of quantitative easing is the Fed’s only […]

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