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Fully Revised and Updated: “Why Buy Gold Now?” Special Report

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American households lost roughly $16 trillion in net worth during the Great Recession.

Could it happen again?

Yes. In fact, we think it almost certainly will.

Federal Reserve monetary policy drives the boom-bust cycle. The central bank didn’t learn from the 2008 crash. It didn’t adjust its policy. In fact, it doubled down. That means the Fed was already setting the stage for the next crash in the midst of the last one.

But you can protect yourself.

Buy gold now!

Our revised and updated Why Buy Gold Now? report explains exactly why.

Why Buy Gold Now? lays out the case for why gold is now not just a source of future profit, but an essential insurance policy for every investor.

Why Buy Gold Now?

  • Because right now is a superb cyclical buying opportunity
  • Because of the madness of central bankers
  • Because the next bust could be the mother of all busts
  • Because the so-called “economic recovery” is a ticking time-bomb
  • Because eventually, gold owners will be unwilling to accept dollars for gold at any price

All of these factors are fully explained in our Why Buy Gold Now? report with accompanying charts and graphs. This fully revised and updated 22-page report has been carefully researched and crafted by SchiffGold’s team of Precious Metals Specialists for the benefit of everyday investors.

It is serious reading, but it is worth your time.

Why now? Because you can’t afford to wait.

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