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Americans Totally Oblivious to Value of Precious Metals; Are You?

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This post was submitted by Addison Quale, SchiffGold Precious Metals Specialist. Any views expressed are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Peter Schiff or SchiffGold.

You know, it’s funny. When someone is known to have a valuable treasure, everyone around them surely covets it. In fact, if it’s really really valuable, many would try to get their hands on it, perhaps by offering to trade for it, or even by trying to steal it outright. But as long as the owner knows the true value of their treasure, they’re not likely to let it go easily.

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But therein lies the key to getting at that treasure. What if you were able to convince the owner that their treasure really wasn’t that valuable? What if you could trick them into thinking it was worthless, run of the mill, and just a beat up old piece of junk? What if you slowly deceived them into thinking their treasure was just a “barbarous relic”?

Perhaps you already know where I am going with this and have seen Mark Dice’s recent video of trying (and failing) to give away a 10-ounce silver bar on the streets of Encinitas, CA. Americans have been tricked into believing precious metals are not valuable.

Gold and silver used to be among the most valuable treasures around. Coins and bars of the metals were so valuable and useful that everybody had them, everybody coveted more of them, and everybody knew the precise value of them. Many years ago, they used to be the primary money of society, the economic lifeblood of civilization.

Amazingly, however, over the past century, the powers-that-be (*ahem* bankers) have essentially convinced the populace that gold and silver coins are ultimately impractical and just too old-fashioned. As such, they persuaded people to leave precious metals behind in exchange for promissory bank notes and certificates. At first these bank notes and certificates were links to the metal themselves — promises that one could redeem one’s metal with the paper whenever one was ready. But now the paper notes offer no link whatsoever to real money. They are now promises to pay nothing; they are empty.

So now this process of deception has pretty much been completed, at least here in America. The average citizen doesn’t really consider gold and silver to be that valuable. He doesn’t own any himself, and he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how much a 1-ounce coin of gold is actually worth.

This is not a coincidence. It’s exactly how the powers-that-be — particularly central bankers — want it. When it comes to real treasure, they want an uninformed, uninterested, ignorant and pliable citizenry they can lead around by the nose. This allows them the freedom to totally control the nation’s money (the US dollar) and use it however they want to further their own ends (mainly enriching themselves).

So remember, if you know the truth about gold and silver (that they are valuable treasure and true money), you are in the vast minority in this nation. As Mark Dice’s video shows, most Americans do not have a clue what true money is worth or even what it is.

But someday, as the US dollar and other fiat currencies begin to collapse under the weight of all their broken promises, the average American will wake up and suddenly realize he has been deceived into trusting a paper currency instead of real treasure. Then there will be an absolute stampede to get a hold of precious metals. It’s not a question of if, but when.

How valuable a treasure do you think gold and silver will be then?

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7 thoughts on “Americans Totally Oblivious to Value of Precious Metals; Are You?

  1. Ron says:

    I used to fly a lot and met many interesting people, many of which are in the field of high international finance. There is a quite movement behind the scenes to remove the Dollar as the predominate world trading/reserve currency. When this happens, and again the arrangements are being made while I write this and you read it, the implications to the Dollar and anyone who uses it will not be good. There is similarly a quite movement to in some as yet to be determined way to tie the new international medium of exchange to gold. Why else would China and Russia – especially China – be accumulating as much gold as they can afford? For those in the United States this bodes ill for the economy going forward, particularly because of the unprecedented and growing 18 trillion national debt and the mal-investment caused by quantative easing and near zero interest rates. For the average John & Jane Doe slowly accumulating hard assets such as gold and silver are the best hedges to protect themselves from when the economy hits the impending brick wall. No one can say with any degree of accuracy when that will happen so buy precious metals and be patient, you may have to be very patient. In closing one theme keeps gnawing on me which is why is China quietly accumulating so much gold unless they know something we don’t know?

    • Addison says:

      Thanks for the comment Ron. I think governments and bankers may all be in the same boat. They love controlling the money of a nation, forcing us to use it, and reaping all the profits. China may see a play in owning metals as the US dollar continues to be devalued by QE and deficit spending. The dollar is probably even stronger than we think though. In the end, we should trust our wealth to real money – gold and silver – and not to any currency run by a govt no matter how much gold or silver they say they have backing it.

  2. RAY DODSON says:

    When I seen that video of Mark Dice I was wishing I was one of the people that was walking by while he was making that offer. I would have jumped on that offer like a frog during mating time. Not to sell it for a $160 bucks but to hang onto the bar for much much more in the not to distant future. Maybe even this year.
    Silver is the working man’s gold and the folks that have their head in the clouds or somewhere else are going to be sick to their stomach when the hammer falls. I have tried my very best to convince a lot of folks to buy gold and or silver. Even my Kids and grand-kids are not listening.
    In fact my plan is to sell my house by the beach and get the hell out of California. I will buy a place with acreage that backs up to certain river so I can catch fish, have some animals, garden, water well, windmill or two. I figure my retirement and SS I am now drawing will not last and I have a hell of a habit of needing to eat. I plan on having enough room to house my kids,grand-kids and great grand-kids if necessary. And yes I own silver. Look out folks, the crap is headed towards America and it’s not far off.

    • Addison says:

      Thanks for the note Ray. Sounds like a good plan! I may end up doing something similar myself. Let us know if we can help you add to your metals position in the near future.

    • I’ve been warning people since 2012 to buy silver. No one listens…I can’t even get people to watch a YouTube video!

      The good news is the price of gold and especially silver will multiply many times. Also the price of land will plummet because it’s so overvalued. You should have alot of money left over once you finishing bailing your friends and family out.

  3. […] have been tricked into believing precious metals are not valuable,” says Addison Quale in response to the video above. And she’s […]

  4. Steve says:

    What about platinum? A more rare metal than gold (and has more industrial uses) is trading less than gold. Maybe platinum should be put in the conversation.

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