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POSTED ON December 1, 2021  - POSTED IN Peter's Podcast

The transitory inflation narrative is dead.

During an appearance before a Senate committee along with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Tuesday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said it was time to retire the word transitory. As Peter Schiff explains in his podcast, Powell came close to admitting he was wrong. But the question remains — what is the Fed going to do about this non-transitory inflation?

POSTED ON November 29, 2021  - POSTED IN Peter's Podcast

Last Friday was Black Friday and it was a black and blue Friday for investors. Just about everything was down and markets panicked over a new COVID variant. Peter Schiff talked about the market reaction in his podcast. Did the markets overreact? And what would happen if we did go into another global lockdown?

The Dow suffered its worse day since April 2020, the height of COVID lockdowns.

POSTED ON November 17, 2021  - POSTED IN Peter's Podcast

After last week’s sizzling hot CPI data, inflation talk continues to dominate the news. The government and central bank have been insisting inflation is transitory. Now they’ve turned to a new spin tactic – recycling 1970s inflation propaganda.

Treasury Secretary and former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen appeared on Face the Nation and spent the interview lying about inflation. Peter Schiff unraveled her lies in his podcast.

POSTED ON November 11, 2021  - POSTED IN Peter's Podcast

Much hotter than expected CPI data for October stole the spotlight on Wednesday, but there was more bad news on the inflation front that received less attention. The annual Producer Price Index (PPI) increase in October tied September’s record, as rising producer prices continue to undercut the “transitory inflation” narrative.

POSTED ON November 4, 2021  - POSTED IN Peter's Podcast

The Federal Reserve wrapped up its November FOMC meeting on Wednesday and finally did something other than talk. The central bank announced it will begin to taper its massive quantitative easing program.

POSTED ON November 1, 2021  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines, Peter's Podcast

Trade deficits used to be an important market mover. In fact, many blame the 1987 stock market crash on a much worse than expected trade deficit. That led to weak dollar and bond markets that bled over into the stock market. But today, traders mostly ignore the trade deficit. In fact, the US trade deficit set another record in September and the markets didn’t blink. Peter Schiff talked about it in his podcast.

POSTED ON October 27, 2021  - POSTED IN Peter's Podcast

The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 hit new all-time records on Tuesday (Oct. 26). In his podcast, Peter Schiff focused on a few speculative stocks that have had meteoric rises (and in some cases crashes) over the last few days. He said this is evidence of the speculative fervor in this massive bubble.

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