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POSTED ON July 26, 2022  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Inflation and rapidly spiking prices aren’t just a problem in the US. It’s gotten so bad in Europe that that perpetually dovish European Central Bank (ECB) has been forced to go hawkish.

But not really. Just hawkish for the ECB.

Last week the ECB raised interest rates for the first time since 2011. The bank surprised markets, raising all of its policy rates by 50 basis points. That pushes its deposit rate all the way to — zero.

POSTED ON July 13, 2022  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

The slowdown in money creation could be signaling a recession.

The growth in the money supply has dropped precipitously over the last several months. As measured by M2, the money supply expanded by 6.6% year on year. That was down from April’s growth rate of 8.21%. In  May 2021, M2 grew by 14.30%. M2 growth peaked at a record 26.91% in February 2021.

POSTED ON July 12, 2022  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Silver has dipped below $20 an ounce for the first time in two years. But given silver’s fundamentals, the current economic dynamics, and the trajectory of the Fed, silver appears very oversold.

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