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Guest Commentaries

POSTED ON February 27, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Key Gold Headlines

The Silver Institute has released its February Silver News, jam-packed with stories on the latest developments in silver technology. This issue includes an interview with an industry insider about the recent American Eagle coin shortage, as well as articles about silver in hard drives, spark plugs, and the Gorilla Glass used on smartphones.

POSTED ON February 17, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

A new poll by McClatchy-Marist reveals that Americans are increasingly aware of the inequality of the US economic system. Further, they don’t think it’s getting any better. They expect the next generation to be worse off than they are, and the majority doesn’t think the government’s policies are helping.

POSTED ON February 11, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

Famed economist Marc Faber gave an interview to The Australian Financial Review and had no compunctions about tearing into the horrible policies of central banks around the world. Like Peter Schiff, Faber doesn’t see any real tightening happening in the near future.

POSTED ON February 6, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

By Bud Conrad of Casey Research

Gold has been in a downturn for more than two years now, resulting in the lowest investor sentiment in a long while. Hardcore goldbugs find no explanation in the big-picture financial numbers of government deficits and money creation, which should be supportive to gold. I have an explanation for why gold has been down – and why that is about to reverse itself. I’m convinced that now is the best time to invest in gold again.

POSTED ON January 27, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

It’s mainstream now. The US economic recovery is a sham, especially when it comes to the plight of the middle class. A new piece at CNNMoney reviews the major economic metrics that are not nearly as positive as they would be if we were experiencing a real recovery. These include the weak job market, underperforming manufacturing sector, weak global trade, and much more.

POSTED ON January 14, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

Bron Suchecki, the Depository Administrator of the Perth Mint in Australia, has posted some interesting and alarming insights into the looming supply restraints on gold coins. If popular demand picks back up in the coming year, it could easily force mints to ration their supplies and send premiums surging.

POSTED ON January 9, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Videos

John Williams of appeared on earlier this week to give his financial outlook for the US economy in 2014, and it wasn’t bright.

We have all sorts of things coming together that will give us a confluence of economic, political, and financial crises. You’ll see early on a crisis in the dollar, which will start to trigger the inflation… and as inflation picks up, that is going to savage the economy, which is already in a depression – it never recovered.”


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POSTED ON January 3, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Jim Rickards is on a roll this week, with another interview on Bloomberg TV in which he tells some skeptical hosts that the Fed’s policies are a disaster and that the stock market is a bubble. He also stuck by his commitment to long-term gold, insisting that he’s bullish on it because of his fundamental analysis that the US dollar is going to collapse.

Gold correlates to one thing: the dollar… When gold goes up, what it really means is the dollar is down. So for gold to go to $7,000 – which I expect – what that means is that the dollar will lose 80% of its value, which it did in the 1970s… A gold rally is really a dollar collapse, and we should expect a dollar collapse.”

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POSTED ON January 2, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

By Laurynas Vegys from Casey Research

It’s been one of the worst years for gold in a generation. A flood of outflows from gold ETFs, endless tax increases on gold imports in India, and the mirage (albeit a convincing one in the eyes of many) of a supposedly improving economy in the US have all contributed to the constant hammering gold has taken in 2013.

Perhaps worse has been the onslaught of negative press our favorite metal has suffered. It has felt overwhelming at times and has pushed even some die-hard goldbugs to question their beliefs (which is not a bad thing, by the way).

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