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  • Can I buy & own  physical gold & silver coins or bullion as part of my 401(k)?
  • can I rollover from my current IRA or 401k retirement account?
  • is a self-directed IRA required to add physical gold & silver to my 401(k) account?
  • Can schiffgold help me choose a reputable custodian to setup a self-directed IRA?
  • What services does the CUSTODIAN in my retirement plan provide?
  • What are the steps in setting up a gold ira rollover?
  • What if i have more questions?

Short answer - Yes!

Under current law, you can buy gold coins and bullion, along with other precious metals, and hold them in a self-directed IRA or 401(k) established with a trust company (custodian).

Self-directed plans have additional benefits as well. You will be empowered to make your own investment decisions, and they also expand your available investment options, including precious metals.

Traditional 401(k) plans generally offer several investment choices, but they limit the asset classes available. Although you may be able to invest in precious metals funds, gold and silver mining stocks, and other similar paper products, standard 401(k) plans do not include an option to invest in physical gold or silver.

Self-directed IRAs do. Under this type of plan, you can invest in physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, as long as they meet certain standards. 

Peter Schiff's 401k to Gold Self Directed IRA Advice

 Peter Schiff

 SchiffGold CEO

​​​​"Choosing the right gold firm can mean the difference between success and failure as a gold owner. Choose the right firm and it will help you stay the course on protecting your assets from economic uncertainties. Choose the wrong firm and your funds can be diverted to an assortment of bullion-related investments and/or derivative investments that are not truly asset preservation vehicles. 

Gold stocks, for example, are an investment in stocks first and gold bullion second. Mint state and proof coins graded by independent services usually sell for high mark-ups over their gold value that immediately put the buyer at a disadvantage. Precious metals exchange traded funds and certificates introduce counter-party and systemic risk to the investment equation. These are just three examples of the kinds of investments that can lead the investor away from the stability of conventional coin and bullion investments, and generally should be avoided by investors whose goals include building a hedge against economic certainties or a long-term store of value."

The Gold and Silver Coins Most Recommended to Become a Part of Your 401(K) Retirement Portfolio

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