1/2 Oz Silver Shortage Sale
Available While Supplies Last

Maximum Order of 2,000 Ounces Per Customer

Silver is at its lowest price in 5 years, and every precious metals investor is rushing to buy. This has sent both premiums and shipping times into the stratosphere. Looking for a Silver Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf? Be prepared to wait 3-8 weeks for shipping. Meanwhile, the ever-popular fractional "junk" silver is selling for 35% over the spot price – if you can even find any to buy (we can't).

SchiffGold has the next best thing to junk silver – brand new, 1/2-ounce Sunshine Mint silver rounds ready to ship today. But not for long. We have a limited allocation of only $500,000 worth of these extremely popular silver rounds. For that reason, we are capping orders at 2,000 ounces. This is unprecedented. We have never rationed our product supply before. If you don't order today, the next earliest shipment for 1/2-oz rounds will be in October.

Sunshine Mint Silver Rounds

Quality Rounds, Bargain Pricing

Sunshine Mint has been producing some of the world's highest quality precious metals products for more than 3 decades. Based out of Idaho, they are internationally recognized as one of the finest private mints in the world. In fact, the silver the US Mint and Royal Canadian Mint uses to manufacture their 1-ounce coins is supplied by Sunshine. Their private rounds are among the most affordable ways to buy pure silver bullion.

Each round is stamped with the manufacturer's name, which makes them more attractive for barter than most other 1/2-ounce rounds. They also have a new anti-counterfeiting technology stamped on the center of the coin, called a "mint-mark."

We are offering these 1/2-ounce rounds for only 99¢ each ($1.98/ounce) – 23% less than our competition.

1/2 ounce silver rounds as low as 99¢ per round ($1.98/oz)
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Our First Ever Maximum Order Limit

We could only get our hands on $500,000 worth of these popular silver rounds, so we are forced to ration our supply. That's why we have placed a MAXIMUM order size for the first time ever. In the past, when we offered a popular product at such a low price, a small handful of buyers would come and wipe out our entire inventory. Not this time. We want to make sure you have the opportunity to get in on the best silver deal in half a decade.

We are offering these rounds for as low as 99¢ per round ($1.98 over spot price per ounce). Here's how to calculate the total cost with an example spot price of $15 per ounce of silver:

($15 x 0.5) + $0.99 = $8.49 per 1/2-ounce round ($16.98 per ounce)

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