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Steve Wynn: Deficit Spending and Obamacare “Degrading” American Paychecks

POSTED ON October 24, 2016  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

The last presidential debate has finally seemed to succeed in pushing economic issues past personal attacks and into the foreground of media discourse. In a Fox interview on Thursday, casino entrepreneur Steve Wynn took the opportunity to express how deficit spending and Obamacare are adding to the sense of “frustration, anger and confusion” currently felt within American culture and politics.

As a successful casino developer for many decades, Wynn has certainly experienced his share of the economic consequences from failed monetary policies, government regulation, and over-spending for his employees. The interview starts at 1:07.

Fed Up Friday: Oct. 15 – 21

POSTED ON October 21, 2016  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Once again, the Fed is predicting a rate hike by the end of the year. The problem is they’re notoriously bad at predicting their own rate hikes.

The Fed’s Lackluster Success at Predicting Rate Hikes

At the start of 2016, Fed members had predicted more rate hikes than we’ve experience so far. That’s not a surprise to anyone who has followed the Fed for any period of time. Recently, Business Insider posted in-depth dot graph plotting the Fed’s missed marks when predicting its own hikes over the past three years.

Fed Up Friday

India’s Monsoons Blowing in Higher Gold Prices

POSTED ON October 20, 2016  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

As one of the largest markets for gold, India’s cultural and social changes are important influences on the precious metal’s price. The nation of almost 1.3 billion people has a strong relationship with gold, which is interwoven in marriage ceremonies and cultural rites. Just last month, high prices were driving many citizens to trade in their gold jewelry while gold bazaars and markets were seeing a sharp uptick in activity. Now, according to a Business Insider article, a healthy monsoon season, abundant crops, and lower prices are sending many farmers back to the gold market to buy.

indian gold

Will a US Digital Currency Make the Fed Even More Dangerous?

POSTED ON October 19, 2016  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

In a recent episode of Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, the former presidential candidate and Libertarian icon examines the future of digital currency. Paul and co-host Daniel McAdams talk with NYU Law Fellow and digital currency expert Max Raskin about how a future form of US digital money might give the Federal Reserve even more control over monetary policy than it enjoys today.

Why Central Banks Make a Mess of Inflation Targeting

POSTED ON October 18, 2016  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

Alasdair MacleodThis article was submitted by Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research at Goldmoney.

We are all too aware of monetary policy and its objectives of targeting both moderate inflation and full employment at the same time. We are of course talking about price inflation, monetary inflation being the means of achieving the objective.

Central bankers don’t seem to understand that these objectives are incompatible, and here’s why. When you expand the quantity of money or credit, you debase the savings and wages of everyone, with two general exceptions. If the Fed expands the quantity of cash, or narrow money, the banks benefit, and in all likelihood they pass this benefit on to the government by spending it on new government debt. If the banks expand the quantity of bank credit, they benefit their favorite customers, who are usually big business. To believe otherwise is to subscribe to a law of financial perpetual motion, which is simply impossible.
central bank building

Peter Schiff Podcast: Media Trumps Up Obama to Help Clinton

POSTED ON October 18, 2016  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

In his latest podcast, Peter reports on the week’s economic numbers and takes the popular media to task for helping Hillary Clinton secure the presidency. Biased reports are showing Obama as a “deficit-reducing miracle worker,” while the debt-to-GDP has never been higher under his presidency.

“The media is constantly going to try to redefine a failed presidency as a success. One of the reasons they want to do that right now is they want that ‘success’ to rub off on Hilary Clinton … The media doesn’t even want to talk about the economy any more. If this election was about the economy, Trump would win. The only chance they have is to make the election about something else.”

That “something else,” of course, is Trump’s salacious comments and the sudden sexual harassment accusations that are coming out of the woodwork.

Major Players Predicting Higher Gold Prices for 2017

POSTED ON October 17, 2016  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Despite the recent slump in gold prices, many influential analysts like Raoul Pal and firms like UBS are predicting a strong showing for gold in the next 12 months. Their beliefs are based on strong indicators of a looming recession, negative interest rates, and a downshift in global trade.

gold bars

Fed Up Friday: Oct. 8 – 14

POSTED ON October 14, 2016  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Full-time work is being replaced by multiple part-time jobs for Americans, and many indicators are flashing early warning signs for an imminent recession. Learn more in this week’s Fed Up Friday.

Part-Time Jobs Soar, Indicating Most Multiple Jobholders Since 2008

In numbers not seen since the financial crisis of August 2008, the number of multiple jobholders in the U.S. increased to nearly 8 million this past month. Additionally, the number of part-time jobs added was close to 500,000.This data must be taken into account when referencing “job growth” numbers that the Fed highlights as good data to inform their decisions. When someone who used to have a single, stable job is now working two different roles just to make ends meet, that isn’t a healthy economy. Unfortunately, it doubles the amount of “jobs” we added to the workforce, but they aren’t the jobs we want to see.

Fed Up Friday

Peter Schiff Podcast: Part-Time Jobs Fuel Weak Non-Farm Payroll Report

POSTED ON October 12, 2016  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

Late last week the Non-Farm Payroll Report was released. Peter Schiff laid out the details of the official scorecard on U.S. job creation and unemployment in his latest podcast. The big story of the reported “employment gains” is that they lump full- and part-time jobs together. They aren’t taking into account that when someone loses a full-time position in a field like manufacturing, they often have to get two, maybe even three part-time jobs to fill the financial void left over from a layoff.

As Peter Schiff explains, the quality of jobs added is more important than the gross number of jobs added. And by all accounts, the September report is bad news. Peter goes on to discuss a recent CNBC interview with Alan Greenspan, where he talked about the current stagflationary environment of the U.S. with slow economic growth and elevated inflation. That is the best possible environment for investing in gold and silver, and it’s only a matter of time before others wake up to the fact that Greenspan is hitting the nail on the head.

Interest Rates: The Real Cost of Borrowing

POSTED ON October 11, 2016  - POSTED IN Key Gold Headlines

The basic definition of an interest rate is simply the cost of borrowing money. It’s the cost associated with acquiring credit, whether buying a car, getting a mortgage, or taking a vacation. We encounter interest rates every time we make a monthly credit card or student loan payment. Interest and interest rates are a major part of daily life, yet many people don’t have a good understanding of the most critical types of interest or how their rates are set. Broadening our understanding even a little can help empower us to make more informed decisions, whether at the bank or at the ballot box.

interest rates cost borrowing