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Guest Commentaries

Peak Gold and the Rise of Physical Bullion (Video)

POSTED ON October 23, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Independent financial journalist Lars Schall interviewed Keith Barron, an exploration geologist and mining entrepreneur with 30 years experience in the industry. Barron believes we’ve seen “peak gold,” which is the point when overall world gold production begins to decline.

Barron emphasizes what a hard time it is for mining companies, but also stresses how dependent the gold price is on paper gold investments. He reasons that this will change, and physical gold will return to power in the coming years when the world realizes that there is more physical gold promised to ETF investors than actually exists. What to do? Buy physical gold and silver now, before it shoots up to $5000 or higher. Enjoy the interview, with a partial transcription below.

Advances on the Swiss Gold Front (Video)

POSTED ON October 22, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Key Gold Headlines, Videos

Last month we reminded you of the upcoming “Save Our Swiss Gold” initiative in Switzerland. This is a direct democracy vote in Switzerland that, if passed, would force the Swiss government to amend its constitution with respect to the way the Swiss National Bank (SNB) operates. These are the major points:

  1. SNB will repatriate and store all Swiss gold reserves in Switzerland.
  2. SNB will purchase gold until it makes up 20% of their reserves (currently 7.8%), and it must maintain this level of gold reserves.
  3. SNB can no longer sell gold reserves.

Switzerland used to be the first country that came to mind when it came to stable currencies and gold holdings. But things have really gone down hill since the turn of the millennium, as you can see in the chart below. It shows the dramatic amount of gold the SNB has sold off since 2000 – well over half of its holdings.

Jim Rickards: The Coming Crisis Will Be the Biggest Ever (Video)

POSTED ON October 15, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog interview Jim Rickards, author of The Death of Money. While they began by talking about the Islamic State and United States foreign policy, they moved on to discuss the possible “black swan” events that could crash the global markets. Rickards prefers the metaphor of the snowflake and the avalanche to that of the black swan, because he believes it is very easy to understand that a collapse is inevitable. The foundation of the avalanche is already there, but the snowflake that will trigger that avalanche could come unexpectedly. His number one piece of advice for investors is to buy physical gold and silver.

Enjoy the video below, and scroll down to see read some highlights from the interview.

US Mint’s Bullion Sales Double in September

POSTED ON October 9, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Key Gold Headlines, Videos

Former US Mint director Ed Moy appeared on Fox Business this week to talk about the popularity of gold as a safe-haven investment. Moy noted that in spite of ongoing negative sentiment toward the yellow metal, people in both the East and West continue to buy it. In fact, the US Mint’s gold bullion coin sales doubled in September versus August, showing that investors see gold’s depressed price as a buying opportunity.


Rickards: Buy Gold, because US Fundamental Economy Is Very Weak (Video)

POSTED ON October 7, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, appeared on Bloomberg TV yesterday to talk about the fundamental economy of the United States and the weak price of gold. Much like Peter Schiff, Rickards believes that the US economy is already in a depression and that the Federal Reserve will not be able to raise interest rates anytime soon. In fact, Rickards believes another round of quantitative easing will begin in 2015. When asked if he thought interest rates would be raised next year, he responded, “Not in my lifetime.”

Here’s the video. Find some highlights of Rickards’ interview posted below.

American Workers: The Economy Is Terrible

POSTED ON September 2, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Key Gold Headlines

The John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University released its latest Work Trends report. The national survey found that Americans are extremely pessimistic about the state of the US economy in spite of the financial media’s claims that a strong economic recovery is underway. The report is titled “Unhappy, Worried and Pessimistic: Americans in the Aftermath of the Great Recession”. Some of its major findings include:

  • One-quarter of the public says they’ve experience a major decline in quality of life.
  • Only one-sixth of Americans believe the next generation will have better opportunities than the current generation.
  • Most Americans don’t think the economy improved last year or will in the next.
  • Four in five Americans don’t have any faith that the government will be able to improve conditions in the next year.

The report paints a bleak picture of the American workforce and economy coming from the direct experience of American laborers. Cliff Zukin, co-director of the surveys, said:

“Looking at the aftermath of the recession, it is clear that the American landscape has been significantly rearranged. With the passage of time, the public has become convinced that they are at a new normal of a lower, poorer quality of life. The human cost is truly staggering.”

Read the Full Report Here

Unemployed Calif workers_640_ px

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Jim Grant: The Word for Inflation is ‘Bull Market’ (Video)

POSTED ON August 28, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Videos

Jim Grant, publisher of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, was interviewed by Steve Forbes. Jim gives a grim overview of the economy, saying that the Fed’s suppression of interest rates and the creation of “unimaginable amounts of digital money” since 2007 have caused major distortions. Economic intervention leads to more economic intervention and “the patient is over-medicated.”

Jim says that inflation is not simply the CPI (Consumer Price Index). It is the creation of too much money, which manifests itself in many different ways. Among them are the bull market in stocks, which has been intentionally inflated to create the “wealth effect”. Jim repeats the term “wealth effect” with heavy skepticism. He holds up a gold coin and says:

Gold is a universal currency. People recognize it at sight. The derivation of the term ‘sound money’ is: [clang! as he drops the coin on the table]. Isn’t that lovely?”

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Prominent Voices Warning of Stock Market Bubble

POSTED ON August 25, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Key Gold Headlines

Stocks continue to soar to record highs and the media breathlessly touts the economic recovery. But the Fed-fueled bull market for stocks can’t last forever. In an article from CNN Money, some renowned experts are issuing ominous warnings:

  • Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller says the stock market is looking very expensive. By his metric, stocks have only been at their current level three other times: 1929, 1999, and 2007.
  • Hedge fund king Carl Ichan says, “We are in an asset bubble.” He describes a “dangerous financial situation” dependent on the Federal Reserve continuously refilling the punchbowl to stimulate the economy.
  • Ex-Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin says that extremely low interest rates have caused major instability and could lead to another financial crisis. When the bubble pops and hedge funds all head for the doors at the same time there is a risk of a “contagion and snowballing effect.”

Read the Full Article Here

Blog 14 08 25 Stock bubble

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The Global Economy Is In a Depression (Video)

POSTED ON August 18, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Videos

Jim Rickards, author of The Death of Money, was interviewed on RT. Jim checks off a daunting list of countries around the world experiencing economic difficulties and offers analysis of what is really going on.

What’s happening in Germany is happening all over the world. Germany’s economy contracted… Italy’s already contracted. France has two quarters in a row of zero GDP. The United States in the first half [of 2014]… did not even grow 1%… China is slowing down, and of course, Japan fell off a cliff. If you look around the world, it looks like we’re going into a global recession, except I would say this is a continuation of a global depression that began in 2007… This is not a normal recovery, not a normal business cycle…”

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Silver Can Protect You from “Financial Heroin”

POSTED ON August 11, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

Jeff Clark of Casey Research has just released a new commentary laying out his reasoning for buying silver right now. From the rising cost of production to Asian demand, Clark goes into detail about the latest silver fundamentals that serious precious metals investors need to be aware of.

The drugs of choice for governments—money printing, deficit spending, and nonstop debt increases—have proved too addictive for world leaders to break their habits. At this point, the US and other governments around the world have toked, snorted, and mainlined their way into an addictive corner; they are completely hooked. The Fed and their international central-bank peers are the drug pushers, providing the easy money to keep the high going. And despite the Fed’s latest taper of bond purchases, past actions will not be consequence-free.

At first, drug-induced highs feel euphoric, but eventually the body breaks down from the abuse. Similarly, artificial stimuli and sub-rosa manipulations by central banks have delivered their special effects—but addiction always leads to a systemic breakdown.

When government financial heroin addicts are finally forced into cold-turkey withdrawal, the ensuing crisis will spark a rush into precious metals. The situation will be exacerbated when assets perceived as “safe” today—like bonds and the almighty greenback—enter bear markets or crash entirely.

As a result, the rise in silver prices from current levels won’t be 10% or 20%—but a double, triple, or more.”

Read the Full Article Here

Blog 14 08 11 Silver chart

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