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Guest Commentaries

The US Is a “Fiscal Titanic” with the Fed as Captain (Video)

POSTED ON October 1, 2015  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Just hours before Congress passed a funding bill last night, David Stockman appeared on CNBC to explain why the United States needs to experience a dramatic government shutdown. He argues, like Peter Schiff, that US debt is a massive bubble waiting to burst. Though one of the CNBC anchors agreed with him, another argued that the US debt load is very manageable. They also disputed his claim that the Federal Reserve is the main culprit behind America’s “fiscal paralysis.”

[The debt load] is not manageable at all, because thanks to Yellen and her merry band of money printers, we are not paying the true cost of the debt. This year, it’s $230 billion on $13 trillion of public [debt]. That’s 1.75%. That’s ridiculous. When it normalizes – which it will someday – we’ll be paying $400-500 billion more at a minimum. So I blame the Fed. The Fed is the number one culprit in this whole fiscal paralysis, because it’s told all the politicians, ‘You can kick the can, you can dodge the bullet.’”

Former Wall Street Insider: Some Form of Bank Bail-Ins Will Come to US (Video)

POSTED ON September 29, 2015  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

USAWatchdog interviewed Nomi Prins, who formerly worked as a managing director at both Goldman-Sachs and Lehman Brothers. She is the author of All the President’s Bankers and a vocal critic of central bank monetary policies. Prins agrees with Peter Schiff that more quantitative easing will come from the Federal Reserve, however, she doesn’t think they will call it that. She believes the easy money may come in the form of currency swaps between central banks.

More importantly, Prins believes that eventually the financial problems in America will become so great that normal US depositors will be forced to “bail-in” the banks one way or another, if they want to keep money in standard accounts. That’s why she recommends holding cash and buying physical gold.

Debt, Manipulation, and the Gold Standard

POSTED ON September 22, 2015  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Key Gold Headlines

Our readers often ask tough questions about the economy, monetary policy and precious metal markets. During a recent interview, Gold Standard Institute USA president Keith Weiner provided some insightful and clear-cut answers to some of the complex issues facing us today.


Weiner was first asked to pinpoint the root of today’s economic mess. He summarized it in one sentence.

The short answer is: rising debt. It’s not only rising, but rising exponentially—the debt doubles about every eight years.”

There Is No Way the Fed Will Raise Rates Significantly Today (Video)

POSTED ON September 17, 2015  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Marc Faber spoke with Bloomberg TV this morning to explain why he thinks the Federal Reserve will take no significant steps towards raising interest rates when its meeting concludes today. Like Peter Schiff, Faber predicts the Fed will not commit to any steady schedule of rate hike increases and that a fourth round of quantitative easing is just around the corner.

They cut interest rates to zero in December 2008, so in three months time we will have the anniversary of almost seven years of almost zero interest rates. What I’m saying is that this has created a lot of distortions in the system, and I believe we’re going to pay for it…”

What has seven years of zero-percent interest rates done to the US economy? Find out in our free special report: Why Buy Gold Now?

The Fed Is Waging Jihad Against Savers and Retirees (Video)

POSTED ON September 15, 2015  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

David Stockman, former Budget Director under President Reagan, appeared on Fox Business to warn that the United States faces a financial “time bomb” of $19 trillion of ballooning debt. This debt load will eventually become unsustainable when interest rates rise, which is an inevitability. Stockman points to the same historical data as Alan Greenspan – interest rates are traditionally 2-4% above the rate of inflation, and no amount of manipulation by the Federal Reserve can suppress them forever.

The 2% [inflation] is totally a made up target that conveniently allows them to shovel free money into Wall Street. It never does get to Main Street. The whole idea of zero interest rates is to get consumers and households all jiggy, and get them borrowing and spending. But that doesn’t work anymore, because we’re at peak debt. Households have $13 trillion of debt. “

Stockman’s warnings about debt are one of the key reasons investors should consider buying gold now.

Perception Is the New Truth: Physical vs. Paper Gold (Video)

POSTED ON September 10, 2015  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Bloomberg Business interviewed Peter Hambro, Chairman and Co-Founder of Petropavlovsk – one of the largest gold mining companies in Russia. Hambro presented physical gold to the Bloomberg anchors, who seemed genuinely dubious as to its value, insisting that gold is for “speculators.” Hambro clarified that “paper gold” is for speculators, and he believes the Comex futures market is going to come crashing down eventually – something we wrote about yesterday.

As an industry insider, Hambro shared invaluable insights into the physical gold market, especially when it comes to Asian demand:

In the Shanghai market, which is the only big physical market, recently introduced by the Chinese – year on year, they delivered 55 million ounces from August to August. That’s 65 billion dollars worth of physical gold. That is about half of the world’s mine supply.”

Hambro also shared Peter Schiff’s opinion that the Federal Reserve is not going to raise interest rates. Rather, all the Fed has to offer are economic bedtime stories to influence market perception. Click here to learn why you want to buy gold when perception becomes more important than reality.

US Mint Silver Shortage – An Inside Look (Audio)

POSTED ON September 9, 2015  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos interviewed Tom Power, the CEO of Sunshine Minting. Sunshine is one of the biggest suppliers of silver blanks to the United States Mint, which the Mint uses to strike the American Silver Eagle coins. Sunshine also also supplies gold and silver blanks to producers around the world, and has its own line of very popular privately minted products.

This interview provides an inside look into the precious metals industry, which is currently gridlocked with huge demand and supply shortages. Power explains the mechanics behind these shortages, and why Sunshine Minting is experiencing demand that far exceeds that of 2011.

We’re running 24/7, and we have been running 24/7 literally since 2009 to meet the demands of the market… The kind of growth we’ve seen is that in 2007, 2008, our total annual output of finished product was in the neighborhood of probably 25-30 million ounces a year. We thought 2011 was our best year ever at 55 million ounces. We’re on track to exceed 75-80 million ounces this year…”

Gold Is Money, Not a Commodity; If You Want Money, Have Some Gold (Video)

POSTED ON September 4, 2015  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Jim Rickards defended holding 10% of your portfolio in gold on Fox Business this week. Dagen McDowell aggressively challenged his argument that gold is the equivalent of an insurance policy for your wealth, but Rickards pointed to thousands of years of history supporting his investment strategy. Rickards also stuck with his forecast for the gold price to hit $10,000 per ounce sooner than later.

When people say gold is up, I don’t think of it as up. I think the dollar is down. In other words, you get less gold for your dollar, so the dollar is really down. If gold went to $10,000 an ounce – which I do expect – I wouldn’t think of it as a rise in gold, I would think of it as an 80% collapse in the dollar…”

Ron Paul’s 80th Birthday Speech: The Future of Liberty & American Prosperity (Audio)

POSTED ON August 27, 2015  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Videos

Dr. Ron Paul turned 80 years old last week, and the Mises Institute threw a birthday party for him. Tom Woods and Judge Napolitano introduced Dr. Paul with stirring speeches, reminding us of how pivotal Ron Paul has been to the libertarian and free-market movements.

Dr. Paul delivered a resounding inspirational talk directed at those who strive to spread the message of free markets and a free society. While he reminded us of the terrible effects of an overreaching federal government and central bank, his message is primarily one of hope.

Argue the case for liberty. Then you are going to argue the case for the greatest prosperity for the greatest number of people, the largest middle class. Then we have a society where if the goal is to seek excellence in virtue, you can do it. It’s all your responsibility… If you accept the notion that the government should protect us in a moral way and tell us what our habits should be, or we need the government to redistribute wealth, it can’t be done without the taking away of liberty.”

Lew Rockwell originally published this address on his podcast, and SchiffGold has compiled it into a YouTube video for you to enjoy.