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Guest Commentaries

Brace for a Collapse of the World Monetary System in 2016 (Video)

POSTED ON December 18, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Jim Rickards agrees with Peter Schiff. The stock market is in a bubble thanks to the monetary manipulation of the Federal Reserve. Like Peter, he doesn’t think the Fed will raise interest rates in 2015. Instead, Yellen will be forced to start quantitative easing again by the beginning of 2016. This, he argues, will be the beginning of the end of the existing world monetary system. Watch Rickards explain his reasoning to Bloomberg below.

The Truth of Russian Gold Holdings

POSTED ON December 16, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

If you follow precious metals news, you might have seen a recent article reporting that Russia sold a big chunk of its gold reserves. The article has since been corrected, but it just goes to show how sloppy Western journalism can be, especially when it comes to the reality of physical gold investment.

Laurynas Vegys of Casey Research has published a new article exposing this poor reporting. He goes on to dig deeper into the extremely bullish actions of Russia, which appears to prefer gold over the US dollar.

14 12 16 RussiaonaGoldBuyingSpreefor9YearsStraight

What we’re seeing here is not some haphazard pattern of purchases. Quite the contrary, this is a trend that has been in motion for quite a while, right under the noses of indebted Western governments and against the backdrop of unprecedented rounds of money printing by the world’s major central banks.

Ron Paul: All I Want for Christmas Is a Government Shutdown

POSTED ON December 15, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

The big news this past weekend was the United States Senate passing a giant spending bill just in time to prevent a government shutdown. Ron Paul’s weekly column for the Ron Paul Institute explains why a responsible government would not shy away from a temporary government shutdown. Just as Peter Schiff has said time and again, a little short-term pain is well worth the long-term economic benefits of reducing government spending and debt.

14 12 15 ron paul

The political class’ shutdown phobia is particularly puzzling because a shutdown only closes 20 percent of the federal government. As the American people learned during the government shutdown of 2013, the country can survive with 20 percent less government.

Understanding America’s New Depression

POSTED ON December 12, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

Jim Rickards believes the United States is in a depression and has been for years. Rickards explains that economists ignore this reality, because there is no precise mathematical definition of a depression. This allows them to point to statistics like the growing GDP and improving jobs numbers as proof of an economic recovery.

14 12 12 depression

However, Rickards points out that no American investor today has actually lived through a depression, so their conception of it is completely off-base.

Dollar Collapse Is Inevitable, So Buy Gold (Video)

POSTED ON December 11, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Last month, Kitco News interviewed renowned New York Times Bestselling author Robert Ringer. They began by discussing the current political direction of America, but moved on to the collapse of the dollar. While Ringer will not put a timeline on the collapse of America’s currency, he is certain that it will fall apart.

What will that collapse look like? Again, Ringer wouldn’t say, but he does have just one piece of advice for everyone: buy gold. Buy physical gold. In fact, he is even more aggressive in his recommended allocation than our Chairman Peter Schiff. Ringer believes 50% of the average investor’s portfolio should be in gold!

7 Questions for Gold Bears

POSTED ON December 10, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

In his latest commentary from Casey Research, Jeff Clark poses some serious questions to gold bears. Mainstream economists insist that the gold price is going to continue to fall, but as Clark points out, demand for physical precious metals remains robust. And it’s not just gold bugs that are buying – everyone from central banks to mainstream investors are taking advantage of the low prices in precious metals.

Clark’s questions for bears boil down to one central question: “Do you know of any bear market in any asset that’s seen this kind of demand?”

bear gold

US Debt Balloons to $18 Trillion and Will Continue to Grow

POSTED ON December 5, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Key Gold Headlines

The national debt of the United States officially surpassed $18 trillion this past week. The news has been making the rounds of every media outlet, with many economists reminding us of the very shaky footing of the US economy. However, there are other analysts who play down this outrageously irresponsible amount of debt.

In his latest in-depth commentary, David Stockman explains the larger narrative of US fiscal policy that delivered this growing debt load. Stockman should know something about the topic. He was Director of the Office of Management and Budget under Reagan back in the early 1980’s, which is when US debt passed $1 trillion for the first time.

Think about that – it took more than 200 years for US debt to reach $1 trillion. But as Stockman points out, the last $1 trillion of debt accumulated in about 1 year.

14 12 05 debt as part of gdp

The Bigger Picture of the Swiss Gold Initiative (Audio)

POSTED ON November 28, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Interviews, Videos

Mises Institute President Jeff Deist interviewed Claudio Grass, Managing Director of Global Gold, about the Swiss gold initiative taking place this Sunday. Grass provided insights into the mind of the average Swiss citizen, while discussing the following topics:

  • What might the growing gold repatriation movement mean for the ECB and the Fed?
  • Is hostility against Swiss neutrality, Swiss wealth, and Swiss identity the unspoken motivation behind EU and US attempts to control this country of only 8 million people?
  • Why do financial elites hate the idea of a strong Swiss franc?

All Eyes on Switzerland This Sunday

POSTED ON November 26, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries, Key Gold Headlines

Switzerland will vote on the “Save Our Swiss Gold” initiative this Sunday, and the news is reminding everyone just why the financial world is watching so closely. USA Today and the Wall Street Journal can give you a good summary of how the Swiss gold initiative would affect the policies of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). The Guardian explains why a “yes” vote on the initiative would be extremely bullish for gold in this article published yesterday:

14 11 26 swiss francs

Its supporters come from the populist right-wing Swiss People’s party (SVP), which says in its mission statement: ‘Most Swiss don’t even know that part of the nation’s gold is stored abroad and that the SNB has already sold over half of the gold reserves.’

Is Putin Sitting on a Golden Trump Card?

POSTED ON November 25, 2014  - POSTED IN Guest Commentaries

As the world waits to see if the Swiss people will force the Swiss National Bank to re-embrace gold on November 30th, there’s another major country that has been buying gold without any pressure from its populace – Russia. We’ve reported on Russia’s currency wars against the West (here, here, and here), but exactly how does gold fit into Putin’s economic strategy? John Butler has published an article at David Stockman’s Contra Corner blog that thoroughly explores the history of the international currency wars and Russia’s role in them.

Like many analysts, Butler recognizes Putin as an extremely shrewd politician and economic rival. More importantly, Butler explains why Western sanctions on Russia might force Putin to play his trump card – physical gold holdings. According to Butler, “at current market prices, Russia’s gold reserves would back a whopping 27% of the narrow rouble money supply”. What would it mean for the world if Russia – one of the largest exporters of oil – started to officially back its rouble with gold? Butler explores this question and more…

14 11 25 Putin gold